Who killed the Chumash?

Discussion in 'Western USA' started by zengrifter, Jul 11, 2008.

  1. zengrifter

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  2. zengrifter

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    I see that the first article is not available online for free.
    I do have the PDF if YOU-KNOW-WHO is interested in reading it. zg
  3. ihate17

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    They been pretty dead for a long time

    Only 6 deck, H-17 with NLS, poor pen overall, a procedure that only really opens new tables when needed, the worst, cheapest comp system on the planet, there is not much to say about the place.
    Sure you could find the dealer who cuts off 1.5 instead of closer to 2.5 but when no other casino is within a 5 hour drive, why bother to go there.

    I do know people who live in the Santa Barbara area and they go there (Santa Ynez) and they have told me that the place is quite a bit emptier than it was a year ago, especially the table games. I also know people, living closer to where I am who will travel an extra hour or two to Riverside or Northern San Diego counties where some of the games are better, you have alternative casinos to visit closeby, and they comp a hell of a lot better because they have competiiton.

    The Chumash made and probably still makes a ton of money, especially on their machines. They really only make that money because they have a monopoly on a very rich area. Should someone, somehow, form a tribe an hour or two away and force them to compete.

  4. zengrifter

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    For BJ I would only be interested in the shuffle. zg
  5. Guynoire

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    Chumash is all automatic shuffle machines.
  6. snorky

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    I goto chumash from time to time, and I was always able to find dealers giving around 75%+ cutoffs. However the other day when I went back, it appeared as if every dealer was giving close to (if not, more than) a 2 deck cut off. I don't honestly even know what a cutoff that big looks like, since I avoid them.

    Did someone just seriously kill chumash again?? Has anyone else who's played there lately notice this drastic change? Maybe it was just the dealers that day?
  7. Dumb

    Casinos are so stupid shooting themselves in the foot by cutting off anything more than 1.2,,,so very stupid.

  8. 21forme

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    I walked thru a casino recently that was cutting off 3 decks out of 6 (hand shuffled, of course) with one $3 bettor at the table :laugh:
  9. Craps Master

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    Pretty sure the Spanish were responsible for killing the Chumash.

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