Who knows about Cambodia or Philipines?

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  1. FrankKing

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    I am planing a casino trip to this countries. I would be very grateful for some information. Whether there are CSMs and how are the table conditions?

    Thanks in advance, Franz
  2. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member


    My friend Pelerus, i wanna tell you about my adventures in Cambodia in November 2009. This autumn I was in Bavet, it is on border with Vietnam. [​IMG]
    Rules 8deks, pen 4/8. ES 10, DAS, HD only 9, 10, 11 no soft double, table 5-100$ and 10-200$. They are taking down a card after each distribution. There is a return of 1% from all lost rates. For this purpose you should take lucky chips and play them, the account of the lost rates is conducted by a special rolling agent, who has profit from this. The shuffle has an average complexity. Japanese trackers reduced me with an agent. I’ve arrived, lodged, met my agent. It was a Vietnamese woman 45 years old [​IMG] . She considers on Hi-Low and plays in this casino. I wish tell you than in Bavete about 10 casinos. All of them are huge and tha halls are very expensive. Basically everybody is playing baccara. Also there is something like Chinese poker, they are using cubes.
    In first two days I won $6000, but after that the situation changed –began to push! The matter is that in all these casinos they don’t have practice to display the packs – they are taking out already ready involved cards which ostensibly have been checked up before by the manager.
    I have understood one thing – Pushing (cheating) is EVERYWHERE in Bavete. All rolling agents – are agents of a casino! They report all information to the manager after dialogue with you. They are reporting how much do you win, on what system you consider, do you know the shuffle tracking and advising to management how to struggle against you.
    Firstly I trusted them, but then, I understood, than to anybody from Asians it is impossible to trust. But I understood this thing very late, as it was reflected on my end result.
    I’ve dot an impression, that Japanese tracker, with whom I have acquainted on the internet, also was sharing profit with c casino against me, meaningly having recommended the country where swindle is everywhere. Total minus in Cambodia 10.000$ [​IMG] .
  3. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member

    Four detained in casino torture case

    Four detained in casino torture case
    Thursday, 07 January 2010 15:03 Chrann Chamroeun .

    Photo by: Sovan Philong
    Sun City Casino in Svay Rieng province, the scene of an alleged hostage-taking and beating, is shown in this file photo.FOUR men were ordered into pretrial detention by Svay Rieng provincial court on Monday on suspicion of holding hostage and torturing two men suspected of cheating a casino, police said Wednesday.

    Sing Kim Soeun and Sim Piseth, both 30, were taken hostage and tortured over suspicions they conspired with casino customers to steal money from the venue, police said.

    Tanh Kinh Yung, a 34-year-old Malaysian who rented part of the casino from Sun City, and casino staffers Khou Nevan, a 28-year-old Indonesian, Chan Vuthy, 29, and Phan Sambath Romany, 24, have been charged with deliberate battery and illegal human detention.

    Major General Chhay Sinarith, director of the Internal Security Department at the Ministry of Interior, said police were tipped off by the casino owner.

    “Our police forces stationed in the Svay Rieng province on Sunday operated a crackdown to free the two Cambodian hostages, who had been locked in a secret room and tortured for several days,” the major general said.

    The two victims were allegedly stripped naked and placed in a closet at a Sun City hotel room on Friday. They were then subjected to several days of violence by their captors, according to investigating officials.

    “They were seriously beaten with belts and walkie-talkies, injuring their heads to force them to confess to the conspiracy with other customers to cheat cash from the casino,” Chhay Sinarith said.

    Tanh Kinh Yung and Khou Nevan confessed to beating the two victims in order to force a confession from them, police said. The two Cambodians – Chan Vuthy and Phan Sambath Romany – had no part in the beatings, police said, but simply brought the victims to the room where they were tortured under orders from their employer.

    “It is an act of brutality,” Chhay Sinarith said.

    “They didn’t follow the law, but violated the law, when they should have sent the two victims to the police over the accusations.”

    (Dead link: http://www.phnompenhpost.com/index.php/2010010730690/National-news/four-detained-in-casino-torture-case.html)
  4. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member

    Hi Grazenka,

    It is ENHC , RSA you mean? Also, do they shuffle the cards in front of us, like is there an ASM there which they put the cards in
  5. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member

    Hi badplayer, yes it is ENHC, RSA. Old cheating in casino, no full deck, many small card...
  6. Joseph Weil

    Joseph Weil Member


    Besides the strong likelyhood of cheating,the game speed is very slow.You cannot put up your double down bet until the dealer reaches your hand.

    You cannot put up your bet for the next round until everyone is finished and all bets are paid on the previous round.

    Every bet or payoff more than one chip high has to be broken down and proved.

    And if you are non Asian you will be treated with suspicion.
  7. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member

    Wow. Nice response.

    I am Asian and am currently in thailand. Hence If I were to go I would be going to the ones near the border, in poipet I think.

    One more, I wonder if we are allowed to tag on bets. Like someone else is playing on the table and you place your bet on top of him. And the ettiquette regarding wonging.

    I will try to repay those who reply by posting info of my would be experience.
  8. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member


    I went to Poipet. With a BR of more than 4000 baht and betting mostly 100 baht per bet, I lost all of them.

    It seems Blackjack appears very infrequently for some reason,:confused:
  9. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    how is Poipet currently?
  10. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member

    How as in what?

    There are less little children requesting for money as from reports in blogs. corruption is still rampant. I was cheated by an official of 400 baht.

    and strangely, no one seems to be withdrawing money from the public ATMs in Poipet, of bank ANZI. I wonder if it is coz it is not safe.
  11. jnrwilliam

    jnrwilliam Active Member

    i mean the rule n condition of BJ n other games, how is it?
  12. chessplayer

    chessplayer Well-Known Member

    The rules are not standardized/ Some have D any card. Some merely D 9 to 11. And Holiday palace I think. On one side the banner said Blackjack. The other side, as in card on the banner, said pontoon. I tried to clarify which it was but the dealer was messed up.

    However most seem to be ENHC
  13. who345

    who345 Member


    I don't believe they are cheating by adding small cards.

    You can easily test your theory by counting down the cards. Maybe count down the number of aces as well.

    Even if you find small card is a little more, due to experimental chance, it doesn't really matter. If you are AP, you advantage should be at least 0.5% to 1%. So for 6 deck, they need to slip in 6 small cards to break even you.

    Why cheat in BJ? risk your reputation on a game no one plays anyway, and risk scare off bacarret players? To counter AP, can just ban us, or no dead chips.

    btw, if you have a good game and don't want other people coming around, is to scare them off smartly...
  14. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member


    I have very often +17 Hi Lo first 1.5 decks...

    (Dead link: http://smiles2k.net/lol_smiles/3/index.html) _[​IMG]_

    p.s. I guarantee reliability of my information!
  15. bj21abc

    bj21abc Well-Known Member

    I was in Poipet a long time ago
    seemed fine then - usually one/two BJ tables open in a sea of baccarat - I played for a few days (lucky chips), nothing out of the ordinary - although not great rules and not great pen. Was usually the only player playing BJ.


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