Who wins more money at SD...

I'm basically wondering how important it is to use proper indices when it comes to SD. I've read that they are even more important than bet spread in an SD game. So who wins more money at SD? The player who spreads from $5-$60 using no indices, or the player who spreads from $5-$25, using 18-30 indices? Thanks in advance for any information.


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Go with the larger spread, if you can

> So who wins more money at SD? The player who spreads from $5-$60 using no
> indices, or the player who spreads from $5-$25, using 18-30 indices?

All things being equal (playing speed, heat, penetration, crowd conditions, etc.) the BS player with the 1-12 spread will win more than the 1-5 index player. In this case the huge bet spread easily overcomes the more accurate playing strategy. However, I doubt that anyone would get away with a 1-12 spread at a SD game for very long (other than ZG!). That is another reason that playing indeces are so important for pitch players. Not only do they add more value to your win rate, but they are more practical than using a larger spread in most cases.



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Sonny is accurate in his statement.

I think where you may be a little confused is that indices are MORE important in pitch games than shoe games, but spread is the MOST important (along with penetration) in all games. If play variations are a concern, I would recommend a simplified set of indices like those in Hi-Lo Lite.



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Concerning spreads

My thoughts on bet spreads is this:

Your max bet should be as large as your bankroll can handle and your min should be as small as the casino will allow. Don't get stuck in the mentality of 1:4 is the proper spread to beat a single deck game. All this thinking does is lower your winrate. Why spread $25 to $100 when you can spread $10 to $100.



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If you re-asked the question

Had the question been between a 4-1 spread with full indices and say a 6-1 spread with no indices, then you probably are fairly close and the math guys would have to figure it out with computer sims.

5-1 vs 12-1 is such a huge difference and remember indices are far less important than spread and penetration.

maybe neither

spreading 1-5 and beyond in SD invites scrutiny, which invites being shown the door or worse.

A good counting system can beat a SD game with no spread at all, so a good counting system with a small spread can do pretty well.

I personally shoot for 1-4 in SD, and can, on occasion get away with more depending on what is going on at the table, the location (small bets at tables used to big bets are often overlooked, while big bets at tables used to seeing small tables attract the pit, the eye, and others...

SD is a "touchy/feely" type game. You have to be aware of what is going on throughout the pit, to see if you are attracting attention, and you often have to go to lengths to disguise your spread...
puzzled by the question *LINK*

It's obviously not either/or. Why wouldn't you want to use play variations, too?

Play variation alone isn't worth much, though you can do OK with only a betting strategy, as others have already said. As for how play variation (in this case the I18) combined with betting stacks up to betting alone, gotta recommend you take a look for yourself at the link below. Compare KO Rookie(basic strategy) to KO Preferred(I18).
I'd bet

that at beyond 1-10, the only penetration one should be worried aboutin SD games is the bit boss's shoe penetrating their anal orifice as they are booted from the building. :)
Biloxi reopening

I read a news article that the Imperial Palace, Palace, and Isle of Capri will be reopening late December or January.

follow-up with more info

Checked one of the Beau flyers. Main "drift" was "Visit our properties in LV."

Story in today's paper here about the Beau having paid employees for 3 months since Katrina, but they are now stopping that practice, cutting off fringe benefits like insurance in the process. They sent notices to employees stating that the Beau is planning on opening in late 2006, probably August or September.

Didn't see any mention of the other places including you-know-where. Just hope their trespass database got blown away as well. :)

I thought the 3-month pay was a pretty good deal for employees to give them a chance to either move or find something else in the coastal area... Apparently many moved to LV, which must have a dealer glut now. :)
wonder how things will look...

Going to be interesting to see what games they offer, since competition will be very limited for a while. Maybe less 6:5 to entice people back? Maybe some decent SD/DD games for a change. Or maybe not. :)
Used to be good games

In the past they used to offer many good games at the various casinos for low stakes. But two of my favorite haunts for $5 2-deck games are gone and not likely to return (Treasure Bay and President). The BeauRivage had a good 6-deck game (S17, DOA, DAS, RSA, LS, 75% pen). Never really played much at the two 'Palaces' or Isle of Capri, but I remember a decent 2-deck game with an automatic shuffler at The Palace.