Will BJ21 Survive?


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I for one am pretty disappointed that bj21 no longer has it's free message boards. I was a paying member at one time just to check it out. I feel there are enough free resources on the Web that I don't need to pay for their services. I understand that there are costs involved with running a website, but hell that's what advertising is for. Hopefully this site will be able to replace the free boards at bj21. Good luck mayor!

The Mayor

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My thoughts

You may not know that bj21 was getting hit pretty hard by some folks who were posting personal information about others. The decision to close the free pages at bj21 was based on protecting the health and well being of their employees and others affected by the posts, it is not based on lack of revenue or the need to force people to pay for the green pages.

While I do not agree with the methods of the posters who closed down bj21, I believe they do have some information that should see the light of day, and I have asked them to contact me to work with them to produce a web page (or two) that correctly achieves the goals of their posts. They know first hand that I respect their mission.

In the mean time, I hope this site provides some opportunities for the community to continue its discussion of beating the game.

Re: My thoughts...

... are that the closure of bj21-free is GOOD for everyone! And IMHO it was the bj21 jack-booted post busters who brought on the attacks (we reap what we sow), YEAH! zg
my oppinion

BJ21's idea of freedom of speech was what killed the free boards. The flaw,plopper sarcasm, odd off the mark posting etc. etc. was what killed the freedom at bj21. They allowed this info to come on with out censure. Look at RGE they have had no problems they edit and censure out the non related or attacking type posts. Hey its about A-D-V-A-N-T-A-G-E play, counting cards, MATH. Not VOODOO. Those other people should start thier own websites "Voodoo BJ21.plop" or "Play BJ to the poor house .com". They can all go there and argue who has the better progression strategy and how "to be a gambler".