William Hill Live Casino


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I stumbled across the William Hill Live Casino recently and wondered what people thought about counting such tables, based on any past experiences. For anyone else who doesn't know, the rules are:

8 decks
3:2 BJ
Split to 2
Split Aces once
50-62.5% Pen
No burn cards implemented

Clearly the biggest drawback is the penetration, however, I feel with some aggressive betting, it could still be somewhat profitable.

The actual hands played per hour seen is quite high, given there are generally no shuffles between shoes, as the previous shoe played is shuffled by a supervisor and ready for immediate use when the current shoe's cut cut is drawn.

I think a spotter/BP approach would be essential, as they'll quickly kick out any known counter. They know when you merely click on a table and watch!

Any thoughts as to how to approach this game?