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forwhat77 said:
It seems that at least one cooler can be found at any given time especially around some of the better games here in Vegas. As well, on early AM shifts when most AP's come out to play.
If this were true, no one would ever get BARRED. They would just send in the cooler. :laugh:

forwhat77 said:
And as for cheating, if you are not aware of what's going on, how can you prove a casino is cheating?:whip:
This is where you're WRONG. I AM aware of what's going on; and that's how I know. You do not survive 30 years in this business without learning a thing or two about the inner AND outer workings of it.


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forwhat77 said:
And as for cheating, if you are not aware of what's going on, how can you prove a casino is cheating?:whip:
YOU'RE the one who thinks they're cheating. And you haven't given us any evidence to back up your claim, other than your suspicions;or some dealer who happened to look down at his cards to see if it was time to shuffle, or some imaginary "snap" of the cards that you think you heard; and the story about how some clever dealer tricked your dad into overtipping him, by implying that he could "help him out". Reminds me of the slot attendants who will recommend a machine that's "hot today"; if they do it to enough people, SOMEONE will eventually hit, which means a big toke for the attendant!

BTW - and I'm sure our resident ex-Griffin guy will back me up on this; of the rare cheating that DOES exist, more than 99% of ALL cheating by dealers is NOT a dealer cheating a player, rather it involves dealers cheating the HOUSE; passing money off to a friend.

This is nothing personal against you. Early in their careers, usually after one or two of these extremely negative streaks that WILL happen, almost ALL card counters (including myself at one time) go through what you're going through right now; thinking that they MUST be running into cheaters. It's nothing more than a normal defense mechanism; one day you'll understand.

Bottom line: The dealers do not cheat. But I must admit; when they hit those incredible, sustained streaks; sometimes it sure SEEMS like they do. :grin:

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This thread reminded me of an excellent book that someone mentioned either on this board or GC. about a year ago. Cheating at Blackjack by Dustin D. Marks.

Its not about casinos cheating player but players cheating casinos and taking shots, mainly at blackjack. The author thinks casino cheating is rare and the book is from '94. He also has a web site and has been on the History channel.

Again this is an excellent read.


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Cheating Casinos

Sucker said:
Don't worry about it.
It's POSSIBLE that you MIGHT be cheated in certain Indian casinos. The chance of someone being cheated in any other casino is virtually non-existent. For the purpose of a blackjack discussion it's something that isn't even necessary to consider. It's just not going to happen to you. And I won't even dignify this thread any further by repeating the common-sense reasons WHY they won't cheat you.

The report given by the OP is almost certainly nothing more than "sour grapes". For one thing, a more experienced AP would know better than to present his case as though card mechanics are anything but extremely rare. :rolleyes:
If there is good independent government oversight of the particular casino, it is very unlikely that the casino is cheating.:) In the 60s and early 70s, when there was not good government oversight of casinos in Las Vegas, Edward Thorpe wrote many articles about casino cheating methods in Las Vegas.:(

In casinos, like in some Indian Territories and foreign countries with little or no independent government oversight, it is very important to understand that cheating by casinos is possible and does exist.:eek:

Trying to win against a cheating casino is 100% ROR.:flame:
forwhat77 said:
How rare would you say they are EGM? It seems that at least one cooler can be found at any given time especially around some of the better games here in Vegas. As well, on early AM shifts when most AP's come out to play.
I can't believe some of the others here are naive to believe that casinos do not employ this weapon in there arsenal. And as for cheating, if you are not aware of what's going on, how can you prove a casino is cheating?:whip:
If we are taliing strickly Vegas here I will tell you extreamly rare and I don't believe a cooler can be found on any given shift. Casinos (especially in the past) do employ mechanics but in established juristictions such as LV,AC,Tahoe,Reno, Shreveport, Gulf coast and Some Pow wow's like foxwoods it is EXTREAMLY remote. Now if your down in let's say Florida on a 3 mile puke ship, yeah id be weary of mechs. As for the last question you must always be aware when your playing, Period. If you suspect cheating...and it wasn't you, Call GCB, DGE, GE, TP or whatever they are called in you neck of the woods...
I believe casino in us will not cheat because the law protect both casino
and player,and they dont need to take this risk for so tiny money

BUT,I read a book that worte by the most famous asia cc who called
Tai(who is a gd friend with JonnyC and sometimes working together)
he said some casino do cheat

In a korea trip,he found 3 casinos cheat,
he tried in a store on bj games,terrible rarely RC 25+ at the end of a 6D shoe,
but no many big cards come ,and 3 shoes were the same result
he ask the dealer to check the cards,but they refuse to do so,
so they call the supervisor,he told Tai they cant,after some arguement,
the supervisor picked up the cards,turned around walked away few steps,to the manager table and turned back put the cards on the table all facing up to check,thats clean cards,and TAI keep played using cc won back the lost

Another korea casino use brand news cards every shoe,and they shuttle all big cards to the end of the section,Tai cut the cards to break their cheating,
if the cards came normal,the dealer start a new shoe suddenly,with brand new cards also

The last story He and his girlfriend went to another casino in Praha,her girl discover the dealer's hand is unusual,his hand always stay on the next card of the shoe,so she keep looking the hand and the dealer ask her what was she looking at?and she ans"u know what is going on",the dealer shocked and slient

But we should not over worried,he said he went to 700+ stores,and found about 10 is cheating(mostly small stores with not much customers)

and i never play machine gambling,because casino in my place no need to accounce the payout rate,you just don't know how the machine set,and some result are really very very questionable,have u every heard a roullette
game wont pay because the ball were runing to fast?
What do you call the system where a dealer dealing 2 decks peaks at the next card while dealing... ?
Giving advantage to the dealer to either make you busts or make a winning hand...


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I pay attention in double deck pitch games to make sure nothing shady is going on.
I'm sure others out there know better than I everything to look out for.

I did have this witch drop the deck on me when I could have gotten another round or maybe two in a good count about a year ago at the Orleans in Vegas and I avoided her anytime I went back there. Then this past week she did it again in the same scenario- she was wearing a cowboy hat this time and I didn't recognize her until after she did it.
White lady in her 60s,dark hair works graveyard shift, usually on the 25 min tables.