xxBelterraxx BJ Loss


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that negative number for wins is probably a misprint.
if it was a positive number belterra would be right in line percentage wise with the other two joints on the river for bj.


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Yes Sage you are correct... it looks like it would be, I have noticed there win in the past has been lower than other casinos most run about 15% of there drop but they used to avg about 10% or less I always wondered if someone or a team was having a good time down there..lol Last time I was there I did not see anything good


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Seems this loss was correct I have been watching for a correction from IGC and never saw one so I asked them about it here is the response

From: Sent: Friday, August 05, 2011 7:47 AM
To: Rhoades, Larry
Subject: May report

Dear Sir,

I have a question about the reported Drop/Win at Belterra Casino for 5/2011 report
I noticed when the May 2011 revenue report came out the Belterra casino reported a loss of $1,364,748 on a drop of $8,338,102 on there Black Jack for May 2011, I have watched the corrections report and not seen a correction for it.
So was this report correct ? and they did have this loss ?

Yes it is correct. They had several large black jack winners during the month. This is very unusual but it does happen.

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