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  • Gamblor


    A bad smelling cigar works everytime guaranteed in driving ploppies away.

  • Diver

    not so

    Quote: Automatic Monkey said:
    We all fill the air with poisonous gases. The word “poison” cannot be used in a scientific context without additional information on the concentration and the dose. A cigarette smoker is poisoning himself, at least for a short period of time, but he is not poisoning me by sitting at my table. It smells bad, that’s all. And he might think I stink too.

    Your first sentence is correct, as far as it goes. However, stink aside, your other comments ignore considerable research about the harmful effects of second hand smoke in real world settings. For my part, I accept that exposure to second hand smoke is a hazard I choose to accept when gambling in casinos which permit smoking.

  • Coach R


    Quote: greenbird said:
    Hey guys,
    New to the forum – just a basic strategy player who enjoys playing blackjack at $10-$25 tables. I enjoy reading the forum and all the stories and opinions on here. I had a quick question about something I have seen a lot of lately and how to handle it?

    I like to play heads-up, just because I prefer to be one on one with the dealer, just a mentality I guess. But if somebody wants to come in mid-shoe and they ask first, I usually tell them they can come in and I don’t mind. Unless it’s really going well. Sometimes they don’t ask, just come in and nothing I can do about it, learned to live with that and take it in stride.

    My question or biggest pet peeve, I guess, is when they ask to come in and I say, sure, come on in, and they proceed to play two and even three spots before me and in addition to the one I’m playing, so it’s now three or four handed after a one-on-one shoe. And they obviously don’t say anything about those intentions before they pull this. It’s frustrating because I have no idea what direction the rest of the shoe will go in nor can I make any significant money playing like that (or lose a sig. amount of money either).

    So my question is what should I say to the next person to do this to me? Should I ask beforehand, how many hands do you plan on playing or is that none of my business? Or do I ask them politely to play one hand? Or should it not bother me at all and just play my hand? I just find it to be rude and discourteous.

    Y’all have seen it all and have many experiences, so your thoughts please? Thanks

    If you’re not counting, you should want more people at the table, you’ll lose your money at a slower rate.

  • CrazyEddie


    Quote: Sucker said:
    I personally have no problem with people exercising their right to smoke in a casino.

    I do. Smoking where others are forced to breathe your smoke is boorish behavior notwithstanding the fact that the casino allows smoking.

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