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  • sagefr0g

    credit hustling

    considering NRS 465.070 Fraudulent acts section in this link:
    specifically the bolded section…
    3. To claim, collect or take, or attempt to claim, collect or take, money or anything of value in or from a gambling game, with intent to defraud, without having made a wager contingent thereon, or to claim, collect or take an amount greater than the amount won.

    i’m wondering how it is Mr. Nersesian can say or imply as i believe he did in the interview, that it is not illegal to silver mine, machine walk or essentially remove found credits or tickets from abandoned slot machines, when NRS 465.070 reads as it does, especially the section i bolded?
    didn’t the elderly lady who took a five cent ticket out of a slot machine violate section 3? i mean, wow, she even won a monetary judgment against the casino, no?
    is the point that there has to be an intent to defraud?
    what am i missing here?

  • Percy


    Quote: Lonesome Gambler said:
    And if you could somehow manage to round up that rapscallion that he hangs out with, I’ll bet you could get a pretty fascinating interview out of it (with a pitch-shifted voice filter, a la the UBT, of course)…

    I second that.

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