Horseshoe Southern Indiana

  • rpd709

    Horseshoe Southern Indiana

    Might of been just luck of the dealers but I was getting between 1 1/4 and 1.5 pen at Horseshoe last couple days. I know its not the best but decent compared to what they usually do.

    Here are their rules

    Caesars Louis 13 .33 6 1.9 50 10000 s17,ds,ls,nms,cs

    That is an older CBJN but they now offer $25 Min shoe game.

    Also offer a 25 DD Pitch game but not sure of the rules I’m sure their not that great.

    Also, they are allowing midshoe entry now.

  • moo321


    Pitch game was awful. It was definitely d10 with 50% pen, and I think it may have been H17.

  • rpd709


    I figured so, I just casually walked by and saw they had it.

    The multideck 6 wasn’t too bad w/ who I had dealing.

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