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Default Simple Example

Also David Morse 'BJ Reality', for shoe games... BUT for 1-2D games its really as simple as watching for "key-cards" - the cards that preceed the Aces - and then after the shuffle, when one comes out at the end of a previous round bet two max bets - which is why I always sit at 1st base now. zg


...Grif has been doing some informal ace tracking lately so, at the top of every shuffle, he’d whisper to me “ten of clubs, six of hearts, eight of spades,” or some-such. I found it difficult to watch for these key cards that would precede the aces and still keep my count at the same time. But we muddled through regardless. I soon gave up on key-card tracking and just concentrated upon the count and simply increased my bets and number of spots when I saw Grif doing likewise in unusual situations. Since he has practiced this new technique, I’d just depend on him to alert me when aces were due to come out...

...During this session, The Grifter whispered to me, “two of spades,” when he saw the dealer scoop two aces in front of that key card. About three rounds into the next shuffle, I saw the two of spades come out on the next-to-last card dealt on that round, and nudged Grif, who had seen it too, and nodded. Before the next round, and despite a true count of minus three, The Grifter, strategically positioned at first base, spread to two spots, with max bets on each.

I spread to two spots of only $50 each, kind of hedging my bets. The essence of key-card ace prediction is that those two aces should soon follow that two of spades-key card. In this case, Grif was following what he calls a “super-key-card,” a key card followed by two aces. We would hope to catch one or both as the first cards of our hands, and then hopefully catch a ten on that.

Unbelievable! Two max bets on a minus three count, and The Grifter caught both aces with matching tens! Grif flipped over the two blackjacks and announced in mock dismay that, “The odds of getting two blackjacks at the same time are 500-1 and these bastards are only paying me 3-2.”

At another point in this marathon four-hour session, I drew a seventeen vs. a dealer’s ace in a minus six true count. Grif urged me to hit it, but I declined his advice and stood. The next card was a deuce, which would have given me nineteen. The dealer flipped a seven in the hole for eighteen, and I lost a hand I would have won. I cannot remember the last time I hit a hard seventeen, and was even less likely to do so now, especially in my fatigued condition, but I later checked that extreme index for seventeen vs. an ace in a h17 double-deck game, and it turned out to be minus seven – not quite negative enough to hit, but Grif’s instincts were right as usual.

...END EXCERPT........
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