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Originally Posted by creeping panther View Post
I would kindly ask you to be very, very careful in the way you have been referring to me in your posts. As you know I have always treated you with respect and helped you with info at those times when you requested it. You repay me now by showing me great disrespect, not wise.

We both know what the real issue is here, and it is very narrow and very limited. We have had private discussions concerning that very serious issue, that you and another are for sure involved in. Hopefully I will learn who the third one is, you know, but will not say.

As to the last two paragraphs in your latest post,, yes, they are very condescending, and insulting to many here, I am sure,,,but then again you have made it rather clear, you really are,, (in your own estimation),special.

Happy Holidays,
CP, I've addressed you directly in PMs and in this thread, and you've chosen to flat out ignore my very straightforward answers to your questions. Your posts in this thread and in PMs range from baffling to outright threatening. In fact, unless I'm grossly misinterpreting your tone, the threat of actual physical violence is implied in at least one of your posts in this thread. I've never directed any disrespect toward you in the past as you've been kind to me and have in fact been helpful and hospitable, but you've recently made it abundantly clear that:

a) you have no interest in being diplomatic in this situation
b) you are completely unwilling to listen to anything I have to say about the situation
c) you are willing to openly insult myself and others with accusations of elitism and condescension, but then you refuse to address rebuttals, even ones written politely and with respect
d) you are willing to imply the threat of violence to APs who you feel have slighted you

Maybe you should be more careful in the way that you speak to others on the forum. I won't attempt to intimidate you or anyone with warnings to be "very careful," as I have no interest in projecting a falsely tough image, but if you're not careful, you'll continue to lose credibility with posts like these.

I try to be fair and understanding when it comes to this stuff, as creating bad blood in this business is bad for everyone. But my tolerance threshold only goes so high, especially when I've made several good-faith efforts to communicate in a diplomatic sense, both privately and in the open.

By the way, your attempts to lump me in with the current situation are misdirected. I'm only an observer. But you've made several accusations throughout this thread that I can confidently contradict; you've chosen to not only ignore me, but to add me to your list of suspects in the process!