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  1. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    Just received my copy of the book. It is pretty huge.

    I'm curious if anyone has any advice on how I should tackle it. Should I read straight through cover to cover? Are there certain chapters I should focus on? Should I take notes? etc.

  2. Lonesome Gambler

    Lonesome Gambler Well-Known Member

    Cover to cover (literally; pun only half-intended), and it'll require a few thorough readings. A very sharp poster on another site posted about his inability to find the answer to a seemingly simple question, and the author indicated the the answer was somewhere in the book. It took me over a year to find that particular answer, but I can assure you that it's in there!
  3. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    Appreciate it!
  4. WRX

    WRX Well-Known Member

    Read it ALL, and I mean even the parts that usually no one would read. Take your time.
  5. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    I just read the chapter that states "the dealer beats the table 83.5% of the time he has a 2 showing." What I don't understand is why we're not supposed to surrender against this hand. Or does that give the table "bad karma"?
  6. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    Something is very wrong with this statement. Even if the dealer has a deuce up and a NINE as his HOLE card, he STILL won't win 83% of the time! Perhaps this was a misprint, or perhaps you've taken something out of context.
  7. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    No I understand why the price is so high and the buyers so restricted! :laugh:
  8. FLASH1296

    FLASH1296 Well-Known Member

    Was that in reference to ordinary blackjack ?

    perhaps not ?

    L O L
  9. QFIT

    QFIT Well-Known Member

    :) I think we need a page number.
  10. wickss

    wickss New Member

    What is this book of which you speak?
  11. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Hint: Its the greatest spill-the-beans book of casino secrets ever written,
    by the greatest living casino AP holecarder of ours or any generation. zg
  12. Coyote

    Coyote Well-Known Member

    ZG, you are so kind and patient! Very cool!
  13. Gramazeka

    Gramazeka Well-Known Member

    (Dead link: _[​IMG]_
  14. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Are there many HCs and APs that you know (or know of?) who feel that The Book should never have been published?
    And/or that some (or much?) of the material was not the author's to make public? What is the climate tone among "real" pros? zg
  15. wickss

    wickss New Member

    So naturally, it is a secret. ;)
  16. 21gunsalute

    21gunsalute Well-Known Member

    No, I heard it from the ploppiest ploppy so it must be true!
  17. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Done. :eyepatch:
  18. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Holy Toledo! I was expecting (maybe) one PM, but got messages from 4 members regarding how "real pros" (ExhibitCAA's term) "really feel" about the author and his release of (some) information that was 'collectively-owned', and how the casinos benefited the most by the two releases.

    I recall a time after the first release when 90% of the copies were being bought by casino agents. zg
  19. PierceNation

    PierceNation Well-Known Member

    Man I really want this book.

    How much did you shell out for it SB?
  20. SandBaggins

    SandBaggins Active Member

    I PM'ed you.
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