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Originally Posted by BrianCP View Post
From my point of view, it seems to be the senior members that do all the fighting. You guys aren't really the ones who could stand to benefit the most from this forum, you are already making a living or capable of making a living at blackjack.

This forum really helps people who want to learn to be the best AP they can be with advice from people who have already made it. Advice regarding playable games, bet spreads, camo, counting systems, and the math of the game is incredibly invaluable to a member like me. Having the senior members leave due to infighting only hurts new users and users who benefit from their advice.
Unfortunately, this has happened at all of the forums at one time or another. AP, BJF, BJ21, and now BJInfo.

There are still plenty of valuable posts around, especially on the latter two sites, but petty in-fighting has certainly decreased the value of the dialogue greatly. I don't consider myself to be a great or highly-knowledgeable player, but I try to help out when I can.

This forum was instrumental in helping me to become a serious player, so although I hold no pretense of being a "real pro" (there you go ZG, we all get the reference), I do like to chime in when I feel like I have something valuable to contribute. Unfortunately, I also get wrapped up in ridiculous drama on occasion. It's usually easy to ignore, but when it has a highly negative effect on the quality of already-fragile games, I can't help myself.