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  • Hey Aslan, Just wanted to ley ya know, I think theirs a new conspiracy going around. Ive noticed certain posters have a + by their name. Be careful out there!
    Yeah! I just noticed that today matter of fact. If it makes it easier no problemo. :)
    Can you, when you post results. Switch you hands and dollars around. Like, with the
    Yeah! They told me they were like chicken, but every time I've ordered them, they are so scrawny they hardly have any meat on them. I don't order them anymore. That's the straight answer. Maybe more to your point is should we even be talking about fr0g legs with certain parties around who might take offense to such a discussion. I have not had fr0g legs for many years. I believe the Geneva Conventions or some treaty or other bans them nowadays. Some of my best friends are fr0gs, and there are a few tadpoles in my neighborhood as well.
    Yikes! People are listening in to my private conversation! Ssshhh! The cat is out of the bag. Hahahahaha!
    lol yep i can read your messages aslan.
    you chating with bjbob and all
    so i dunno if this thing should work this way or not.
    just leaving you know.
    I am going to a friend's home for a picnic. Actually it's a rain check since I was unable to attend his daughters' dual birthday celebration last Saturday because I had an emergency run up to NYC. I just got back shortly before you messaged me tonight.

    Dinner was a quick burger and fires, but very good, after the long drive back from the big apple. BTW, I haven't been on one of these chat pages before. Is it visible to others? I noticed recent visitors being safefr0g and Sonny. Was that to these messages, or are they private?
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