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  • Today I felt like being a dwarf with an axe almost as big as him, on his way to the casino to cut them down. Next week I think I might be a centaur. Depends. Moods are funny things. What's that gun thing you are shooting?
    I suppose magician implies that I do it for a profession. So in that sense, no. But I do/have performed magic for about 6 years. Why?
    Yes, the back of the card shows a section for pairs. The splits that are only appropriate when DAS is available are noted in a different color as P* from the splits that are appropriate for NDAS games as well. It's an easy way to see the effect of DAS.
    HI jack,

    Things are going great. I am standing or better said flying in a world where everybody seems to have a recession. But looking up into the sky I only see a universe aligned with love. That is my universe. That is Barkingstork

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