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  • Love it. Im only about 1/3 of the way through and its mostly about Steve Wynn. Have you read it?

    I just finished "Double or Nothing" and I LOVED it
    I'm actually in the suburbs, less than 15 miles outside the city limits . . . have to say I'm pretty happy about the Eagles win today! (don't know if you're a football fan) In case you're a Steelers fan, I'm rooting hard for them to beat Dallas! I play mostly in Atlantic City and Reno, and have to say I much prefer the latter. I do go to Vegas frequently for work as well. Where do you play?
    Haha thanks ChefJJ!! That arse (in my avatar) fortunately belongs to my girlfriend, who I'm currently trying to groom into an AP. As for now she's perfect for cover as the PB's really could care less about what the hell I'm doing when she's talking them up!
    TX chef. The old caboose, would have many storys to tell, if only it could talk. Kids today dont even know what a caboose
    I told you I had some great rolls at craps lining up the hard ways and control shooting, this was a few months back, well since Im pretty much blackballed from BJ at all strip casinos I wanted to experiment more at the controlled shooting. What i've done is figured out how to set the dice to a combination that if thrown correctly and the dice do not turn (roll) on the sides will reduce the chances of a 7 to 1 in 14 instead of 1 in 6. Of course it is hard to do ( throw them perfectly every time) but even if you do throw them correctly only every other time it still puts the odds in your favor. I have about 5 casinos on the strip where I have played, you need a hard landing and a shorter table. Some casinos are unplayable such as Venetian, but Mirage and Harrahs had some nice hard tables. Believe it or not I hit the old sucker bet, the FIRE BET at Harrahs for 5 different points which Im sure you know is 250-1, so $5 turned $1250.00, I only had the 6 left and couldn't establish it or I could've had the 1,000-1, which since I have learned you get taxed on if you hit.
    Just thought I'd drop you a line, good luck.
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