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  • Hey, I had to brag about it somewhere. Thank you for providing the opportunity!

    Of course there was luck* involved. No, I’m not some sort of poker genius.

    *With BJ we can calculate pretty much exactly what to expect. With poker I have NO IDEA what to expect, or even if that can be figured out. (Ssshhh, don’t tell Kasi!)
    HaHa. I just came back here to see if you deleted my post yet. I was surprised to see you bragging about your poker win. I wonder if your really that good at poker or if it was beginners luck? Only time will tell. Happy trails.
    From what I've read, learning to play poker is a lifetime project. BUT, last night, in only my sixth session, I won $139!! In blackjack terms, that would be a very modest win, but in my poker life so far, it was HUGE. Took me from being down $69 to being up $70. So I was very pleased with that.
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