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    Don't want to show ID

    It's their place I was playing at an MGM property in LV when a young man sat down with a hoodie pulled up and wearing sunglasses. When he said he didn't have a players card in response to the PB's request, he was told he had to show an ID to verify his age. I wondered at the time what would...
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    Coloring up

    How would it play out? You: I'm outta here (picking up chips) Dealer: Wait a minute, I'll color you up. You: Nevermind. (walking off with a handful of small denomination chips). Dealer: But I need to do this. You: Your problem/Nevermind/ Can't wait/ No comment. Dealer: Hey PB...
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    Online security concern

    Are there any reasons to be concerned about downloading the widget for a casino in order to be informed about their various offers if there are no cautionary alarms from McAfee? I'm not aware of what sort of access to one's computer this would allow, but assume McAfee would at least raise a...
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    Table Courtesy Question

    not so Your first sentence is correct, as far as it goes. However, stink aside, your other comments ignore considerable research about the harmful effects of second hand smoke in real world settings. For my part, I accept that exposure to second hand smoke is a hazard I choose to accept...
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    Conditions around Naples, FL

    I must be remembering incorrectly because I thought Hwy 29 was a divided highway before it enters Immokalee. Perhaps it's all a matter of perspective, but I think saying that casino is in the middle of a swamp is like saying the Mirage is in the middle of the desert.
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    Conditions around Naples, FL

    While it's generally true that the town of Immokalee is a rough place, the casino isn't in the middle of a swamp; it's (literally) on the edge of town and just off the freeway. Corkscrew is worth a stroll for anyone interested in actually being in a swamp while staying high and dry.
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    Has anyone here played at River Rock north of San Francisco?

    Who me, a counter? I'd wager the dealer labeled you as an AP after you asked to increase the penetration. :rolleyes:
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    Out of country vacation

    You can find 6D games with good conditions and pen in Quito.
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    Diplomacy and Bully Tactics with other APs in the Same Casino

    1. Laugh 2. Say "Oh, you mean you'd like to reserve your own table? Let's call the pit boss over and I'm sure he'll be happy to tell you what the requirements are."
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    What are your favorite places in the northwest

    No super duper games to ruin by sharing some general information, so here are a few places I like and which at best have only decent games: Silver Reef in Bellingham (also has 10X odds craps on weekends but only 5X during the week) Clearwater on Bainbridge Island The tribal casinos in the...
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    downtown LV payout info request

    not necessarily I've found that if you act like you enjoy the scene, you can get in some green action without drawing unusual scrutiny. (Tolerance of drunks and schizophrenics helps).
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    Shoe games near Seattle

    Sorry I haven't been able to check in for a while and missed that you were in the area. In addition to missing an excellent dinner at my house, you missed out on my observations about good and not so good games in the area. If you are still around, PM me and I'll follow up.
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    Quito, Ecuador

    Update If you happen to find yourself in Quito, Ecuador for some reason, like heading on to the Galapagos Islands for excellent scuba diving, there're actually some nice 6D games available. The casino in the Hilton and the Monte Carlo several blocks down Avienda Amazonas both have 6D games with...
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    Tell if jumping in mid-shoe with a high count is a viable strategy

    I knew a guy with a glass eye who would take it out on occasion just to freak someone out. In the context of this discussion, perhaps slamming down a glass eye on a box would serve to indicate "eye don't think so" if asked to wait for the next shoe.
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    Tell if jumping in mid-shoe with a high count is a viable strategy

    What's it worth? It would be tempting to say something like "sure, give me a couple of green chips for my spot and I'll be happy to wait." That cuts directly to the heart of the matter.