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    not a violation although we might only consider BJ that pays 3:2 it is still BJ when paying 6:5. at least it's not roulette or craps. it's even BJ when it pays 1:1. maybe it's unplayable, maybe it's not but the name of the game is the same. I also disagree with Al re: gaming control. within...
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    Binion's Update

    DD is DAS now
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    Bankroll investment

    Mayor, this is easy I can give you 3.48% on your return but it is long term. On the bright sid eit's completely liquid and you're welcome to withdraw as much as you'd like at anytime for free.
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    Rolling AC trip report

    Foxwoods I haven't ben to AC in years but the crows at Foxwoods are horrendous. Wonging there even during the day mid week is almnost impopssible and they use 8 decks too. Mohegan is less crowded but will struggle getting a good cut.
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    Check my math

    Royal 20 From personal experience I can verify this side bet, when it hits, provides some of the best excitement in Vegas. The poor pit doesn't know what to do and they act like the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland scrambling around looking at each other wondering what to do. It's simply priceless.
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    Today The Plaza added...

    Zen you beat me to it. This must be good news. At least for us.
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    Plaza 2D...

    Graveyard very paranoid, esp a rather tall blond male. black chips seem to send a shiver down his spine. On a particular Sat. afternoon there were two empty $5 tables and the quarter table was vacant too. How long do we all think this will last?
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    Non-trip report

    three dollar bets Several weeks ago I couldn't have imagined these to be any fun whatsoever. Boy was I mistaken. Five dolalr bets can also be a good time too.
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    Plaza BJ, Vegas

    answer Yes, the game's still there (at least it was an hour ago). However, they've removed the $25 table and there are now only two $5 tables and they're insanely sweaty so hit and run real fast and good luck.