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    Avoid 6-5 BJ, but what if...

    I never play 6-5 BJ, but it was a busy saturday, no openings except an empty table at a single deck. It was called BJ Frenzy. BJ pays 6-5 BUT, DD at ANY time (4 card 11 ex.) DD after split, split 4 times, split aces once, and no even money. I gave it a try and won $200 1 on 1 in 1 hour, $10...
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    Reno 2018

    Yah it's all based on the dealer, I've seen some burn half the deck and I'll leave. But there's some where I can get 80% pen especially when u tip them.
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    Reno 2018

    I live in Reno and I usually go to GSR or Silver Legacy for DD. Silver Legacy made almost every table but one 6-5. Western Village does have the best single deck play, but tables are always full of kids bc of $2min bet and they're not open 24/7. Almost all big casinos will have $5min during the...
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    When To Leave..?

    Yes nonstop, minus some bathroom breaks. And my loss limit would be $1000, but I couldn't win a hand to save my life. Losing my winning from all that work PLUS the other $1000 was just frustrating. USUALLY, I leave when I'm up about $300, because that always seem to be where I end up at. But...
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    When To Leave..?

    I was playing at a $5 min table with 1-10 spread for about 4 hours. Bought in 300, and was up $400. It was getting late, but i tried winning a little more. I stayed for another hour, but lost all my winnings, my 300, AND another $1,000! I was playing too long to buy in more, and I was overall...
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    Multiple Hands vs. 1 Hand

    I've been playing DD recently and keep a side count of Aces. When there are a lot of Aces left (6 aces with 1 deck remaining for example) and the TC is -1 or higher I'll play 2 spots at minimum to try to catch the aces. If the TC raises with high count of Aces I'll stick with 2 hands and raise...
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    Playing Rated

    I play often at a casino and known as 'VIP'. I befriended most of the dealers and pit bosses. I don't sit there quietly with a water bottle staring at the cards all the time. I talk about sports (betting) life and so on. I've never been backed off.
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    The cost of living in Las Vegas as a tourist

    I believe they can, but so far I haven't been. There was a time I even attempted to for fun haha at a small local casino. Min. bet $3 and my max bet was $50, SD, DDA2, 3-2 BJ, but did not get backed off. I recently played at the Nugget, heard the pitboss on the phone and say we have a card...
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    The cost of living in Las Vegas as a tourist

    I'd recommend Reno, NV (where I live :) ) over Vegas. You can find $20+ rooms throughout the week, cheap tables and not being crowded (except Friday Saturday nights). Transportation wise, Uber, about 10-15 dollar rides. Buffets are as cheap as $8...
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    Does other players' affect you?

    I was playing yesterday DD with a bunch of old people. They just love side bets and will always stand on S17's (horrible play). I don't like to believe their play affects me or the outcome, but I feel when the TC +2 and these players are hitting their hard 13's against the dealers 6 I get...
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    Betting over max bet

    This week I was playing a DD with pretty good DP, about 85-90% My max bet is usually $75, at a nickel table by myself. The TC was at plus 7, it was getting good but i lost a hand at $75 then the TC was about plus 10. So i doubled my bet at 150 won, and again for the last hand while the count...
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    Issues with playing higher stakes

    Seeing your guys bankroll is crazy to me haha. Unless you guys have high paying jobs, do you guys put money on the side for BJ bankroll like 30k 40k? I honestly go in with 2k at the most, but play 5 min with 1-10 spread (never been backed off yet).
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    Card Counters in Reno?!

    I know Zeebabar. But I've had more success with a side count of Aces, especially with DD. Made more money for sure.
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    Card Counters in Reno?!

    I use hi opt 1 with single and double deck because I'll keep track of the aces. If I play 6 deck shoe (rarely) I use hi lo, since I don't keep track of aces.
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    Card Counters in Reno?!

    yes gronbog... I stated that I do use hi-lo, I'm just looking for other counters in Reno who would like to join me. Sorry if I didn't make it clear.