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    Psychics and blackjack

    Feel The table Yeah, that works great... What I usually do is feel the table with my hand, if the table is cool to the touch I sit down, if on the other hand I feel a burning sensation when I touch the table, or if the table is steaming, or even worse, smoking... Well in these cases, I move...
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    Well, if you are card counting its a bad idea, because big bets will always bring heat. So they will check out your game. Heat is not a problem if you don't count cards, or participate in some other well known form of advantage play.. If you are not using some readily Identifiable and known...
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    To beat the continuous shuffle machines(KING)?

    I have found that the CSM machines in Europe, like other shuffles, demonstrate card repeating phenomenon, if you have a loaded table, with all the players adhering to basic strategy. Take Amsterdam cCasino for example I made a killing there. They have about 20 tables all of them packed, and...
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    Excellent article, thanks, and it describes advantage play very aptly. In a sense thats what advantage play is, Maximising Seridipity. Discovering a way of knowing when the odds are in our favor in blackjack, and ramping up our bet to maximize our advantage. The cards will be in our favor...
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    It doesn't make sense to pray that you win the lottery, if you don't a buy a ticket, right? Anyway, what is virginia megamillions? Is it like the Lotto?
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    what became of parpaluck's post

    Hey Ion.... Er... I mean Kat Weazel, Why don't you go back... I mean why don't you tell Ion to go back to Atlantic city, and actually win a few hundred thousand before trying to sell a blackjack system for 10 grand?
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    Let us define luck as the positive or negative effect of random variation which is beyond our control, upon our lives. Ie, if a guy driving a mac truck falls asleep at the wheel, veers into our lane at the las possible second, flattenning us, we call this bad luck; conversely if we buy a two...
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    Questions: Table Hopping Heat/Bet fluxtuations/Coloring Out

    hop around all you want they won't care. Look dude, They wouldn't care, hop around all you want, jump up and down, just don't use any bad language or spill your drink on anybody, you won't get banned.
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    "Blackjack Radar" beats online casinos!!

    RE: Multi action tables That is about all they have in europe and most places in the world. They are illegal in Washington state, perhaps they are illegal in nevada as well. I know I've never seen them in Nevada.
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    Psychics and blackjack

    Hire Me I'm a psychic You could hire me for just $1000 plus airfare and lodging, and I will... Wait a second I'm having a premonition... It is coming clear to me... Wait... Wait... DARN, never mind, its clear to me now, you are gonna lose. Oh Well better luck next time.
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    my voodoo system... anybody interested?

    Thanks I got it Sonny's link worked, Thanks Sonny. Well I checked it out; what a difficult and complicated system, especially since it will only delay the inevetible. If you can successfully implement the Lebouchere system, learning a simple card counting technique such as High-Low should...
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    A new twist on an old system?

    2% is a big advantage. 2% is a big advantage, lets say you are playing 100 hands an hour, at an average hand of $50 for 3 hours your average profit would be $300.
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    A new twist on an old system?

    why your simple martingale progression won't work in the long run. The problem with this system is simple, you will eventually lose ten times in a row, and when you do you will lose the entire $10,000, and once you have lost that $10,000 the odds are much better than not, even if you are lucky...
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    OK, tear this system apart

    This is not anything like card counting This is not anything like card counting. with card counting you determine your advantage by knowing which cards have left the shoe. from this you can deduce which cards are left in the shoe, primarily, how many of them are ten value cards, knowing...
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    my voodoo system... anybody interested?

    I'm interested I tried your link it didn't work. Would you care to explain your strategy in a little more detail. Thanks.