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    BJInfo Open Source UBZ II V0.5

    Roger this as a good tip. I don't like the negative numbers either. I prefer the positive numbers intuitively to have a better feel for the true count. I've been out of the circuit for a while after some large swings with KO, a system I had down cold. I appreciate the work on this and I'll...
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    Top ten mistakes of counting?

    Playing crowded tables, just to play, has got to be on most people's list. When faced with the alternative of not playing that is a tough one, but you just have to hold out. Also, when someone crowds in, just go ahead and clear out, it's not worth it to stay.
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    1-4 Spread Sufficient?

    I disagree, unless you overplay a place big time.
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    hard rock biloxi

    My wife and I both received 2-night stay offers in June and July, and then 1 night in August, but nothing since. The Beau is the bomb anyway, you can always get 2 nights free during the week each month, and often I have a quarterly 2-night offer going too, so once I combined them for 4 straight...
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    Are you kidding??? Biloxi, Gulfport, +New Orleans

    Don't camp out at Treasure bay though.
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    BJInfo Open Source UBZ II V0.5

    According to the KO book, one Ace out of the deck costs 0.59% vs 0.51% for a 10. I don't think my question was really that silly, I see way worse on here all the time!
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    BJInfo Open Source UBZ II V0.5

    So what are the above stats for UBZ II V0.5? I apologize if this is in the thread somewhere, but when I looked I saw some other stats I don't understand. What I would ultimately like to know is how this system compares to KO, in terms of the above metrics. I am pondering a switch to a higher...
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    Anybody keep ending up next to that one stupid ploppy who says....

    I had a guy point out to the dealer that I was not doubling the min when I played two hands, and I about choked him. Loser.
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    Team Play on No Mid Shoe Entry Tables

    I've played at places where they shuffle up DD when I get up for a bathroom/smoke/cell phone break. I like those places!
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    KO system bet spreading

    1-10 is the minimum spread to make 6D worth playing. If you have the bankroll and there is not much heat, then spread as much as you can, even up to 1-30. With 67% penetration you are playing a poor game and you need to backcount, wong out aggressively, and have a large spread. I doubt there...
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    Spanish 21 vs Blackjack Index Play

    I think the H17 redoubling game is actually supposed to be a little better than the S17 without redoubling. The one I have easy access to is the latter, and regardless pen is the key.
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    You can watch the movie 21 on line for free

    Is that site legal?
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    Royal Match side bet!

    The key to this is more likely in tracking the chance of a matching suit, perhaps with a red/black +/- system. I was looking at something similar for the 3 card poker sidebet where your strongest chances is for a flush but you also get paid for a straight or 3 of a kind, the latter two being...
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    Tunica Buffet Report!

    All you need to do is review CBJN. Fitz bites, to include the BJ and buffet. Even the dealer seemed to be evaluating me there. DD pen is down most places but shop around as varies by dealer.
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    Vegas games are deteriorating

    Surely the loss rate will get so high, if this continues, that the pendelum will have to swing back at some point?