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    Counting in Europe

    I have no idea why the software thinks there is a distinction.
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    Covid Safety In Casinos

    We are going to start clamping down on the trolling and COVID misinformation.
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    Is there anyone left on this forum, or the other one that actually plays BJ?

    Zen Prince, I sent you a private message.
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    South Point Blackjack

    Do they have the Royal Match side bet? :D
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    Conditions in newly re-opened Vegas

    With people behaving so stupidly, the casinos need to be shut down again.
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    Conditions in newly re-opened Vegas

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    Tips on getting the dealer to deal one more round?

    Good thing, as a cut card makes single deck unplayable, just as the lack of a cut card tends to make double deck less playable.
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    Abnormally large TC's

    Spammer is gone, thank you.
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    National Blackjack day

    It sure does.
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    Aliante dealer dies from COVID-19

    By late March 24, the novel coronavirus would claim its next Las Vegas victim: Howard Berman, 66. Casino dealer, musician dies after testing positive for COVID-19
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    Wonging out on 2 Deck Blackjack

    I'm trying to clean it up. Mr. Fun and Mr. Grifter, please do not respond to one another anymore
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    Team of 2 probably not worth it for red chippers...

    You might find this article to be useful. Good luck to you.
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    National Blackjack day

    You vastly overestimate the knowledge and interest level of most casino employees.
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    Wendover conditions

    Yes, I am in fact an AP; have been for about twenty years. There are no real strategy changes to compensate for the d9 game, other than the basic adjustments caused by the inability to double on soft hands. See...