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    Much better than counting?

    cutting to the ace is illegal? Didn't know that. Zg, would you mind elaborating?
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    how much is the edge of shuffle tracking?

    and/or. . . in addition to Sonny's suggestions, another route is to pick up CVBJ and CVShuffle and teach yourself by playing around with the shuffle analysis tools. Actually, I think you could learn a lot just by picking up the demo version, which will give scrambled results but could teach you...
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    Who wins more money at SD...

    puzzled by the question *LINK* It's obviously not either/or. Why wouldn't you want to use play variations, too? Play variation alone isn't worth much, though you can do OK with only a betting strategy, as others have already said. As for how play variation (in this case the I18) combined with...
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    2 questions

    reverse-kelly betting Okay gang what is his RoR? zg Is there a way to size George's bets that minimizes his advantage while ensuring a risk of ruin of 100%? Not that he isn't doing just fine on his own. . .
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    Petition for a new Podium Speech from the Mayor

    somehow I get the feeling. . . . . . that the people would rather hear from you than me. :) Besides, with less than 20 hrs. of real casino play under my belt, I feel a bit underqualified. Still, thanks for the signature, Mayor. You're my biggest fan.
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    Petition for a new Podium Speech from the Mayor

    Please sign below if you so favor!
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    Public intoxication laws in NV

    shared responsibility Just finished a workplace training session on alcohol service-related issues. They gave us all sorts of stories about the venue getting sued because they were found partly responsible for the drunken conduct. For instance, in one case a bartender cut off service to a guy...
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    Correct way to determine wong-out point

    You might try running this question at . . . ask for Don S. :)
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    bet spread

    yes, but only if your bankroll is infinite, too :)
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    Am I reading the indexes right?

    index numbers *LINK* Cat, There are two excellent posts/articles over at about this topic. They're geared toward beginners, written by a very talented teacher, and I highly recommend taking a look. Just follow the link to, then hit the Table of Contents button at the...
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    another sd question for zg

    zg (or anyone else who pays attention to SD shuffles), Is the riffle-riffle-strip-riffle-cut shuffle fairly standard in SD games? One set of strips, usually? I know I'm studying this matter in depth against the better judgment of both you and The Mayor, but then, you probably have more...
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    Risk-Averse Indices

    Risk You can find a good discussion of Risk-Averse Index numbers in Don Schlesinger's Blackjack Attack III(available at the online catalog at, among other places). There are several good discussions of other risk-related aspects of blackjack in it as well, notably the SCORE...
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    Ace Tracking - my new trick....

    ? for zg I'm looking to start tracking aces on SD games, pretty much along the lines you describe: Looking for an ev increase of 1-5% rather than 51%. What I'm wondering is, do you use CVShuffle? If so, would you say it can pretty much show you all you need to know, as far as prediction...
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    Ace Tracking - my new trick....

    You should figure out the proper index for doubling a soft 22 before trying a stunt like that.