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    Why Is The Playing Efficiency Higher For Ko Than Hi-lo?

    woops... I overcompensated :p It should be 2-7: +5/6 8-9: 0 T-A: -1
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    Why Is The Playing Efficiency Higher For Ko Than Hi-lo?

    Yeah, I think the PE for KO listed above is based on a count w tags 2-7: +5/6 8-9: 0 T-A: -6/5... Is that right?
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    Wonging out if delay till next opportunity

    I don't think my point is getting through. Let me make up a toy example. Option 1: play 70-100% of hands heads-up, 1% advantage, 150 hands per hour Option 2: play 50-60% of hands crowded tables, 1.5% advantage, 75 hands per hour. If I have an average bet of $40 for option 2, expected...
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    Wonging out if delay till next opportunity

    Thanks, everyone. I like your responses. Basically, I'm trying to make sure I keep an eye on my hands per hour. I would disagree with mdlbj that you never want to play in negative counts if you can avoid it. In my situation, there is actually table B, but sometimes it's not as appetizing...
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    Calculating the TC

    If the strategy departure involves more money like a double, split or insurance then you might play it conservatively, but hit/stand decisions don't matter near the index.
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    Win/Loss/Tie% ?

    No, like I said, of course they are not constant. Think of an extreme case: a deck with four tens, and only four tens. The push rate here is 100%!
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    counting at a table question

    No offense, Silent Bob, but it seems kind of odd to post three times on such a basic thread that was obviously over with 6 months ago... Oh I see, your posts weren't long after 4:20 PM! ;)
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    Win/Loss/Tie% ?

    I believe at high counts, you actually push much more, lose a little more, and win less. However, when you win you win 150% as much when you get a blackjack and 200% to 800% as much when you double or split.
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    Wonging out if delay till next opportunity

    I have a question about wonging out. (I'm assuming no backcounting, only wonging out, e.g. No Mid Shoe Entry, or just shrinking balls and wearing out my welcome :p ) If I'm playing a 6D 80% pen game, at what hi-lo count should I wong out for each number of decks remaining, IF I assume that...
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    anyone want to evaluate some SCORE numbers?

    I don't have UBZII details in front of me, but I think your ramp must be off. Try letting PowerSim calculate the optimal 1-10 ramp (possibly with zero for very negative counts) and see what you get. You want a SCORE above 50 (or somewhat less if getting lots of hands per hour.) Even a BS...
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    Best Sim / Optimal Betting Strategy - Help This table is for H17. For 6D you can ignore all the negative indices (and replace them all by "switch tables!" :) )
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    Ken Uston Team Question

    If you have like a 1:100 spread, which is what BP team play is all about...
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    Zen Masters, Have you any advice?

    I measured a bunch of stacks of cards today because I had suspected that gravity would make the height rise nonlinearly with the number of decks. To my surprise, it actually was linear. Each deck is about 5/8 in. Can you actually tell the difference between 4.5 and 4.75 decks in the discard...
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    Wonging In vs. Out

    How about optimal with 5% RoR in each case? Wow, thanks again.
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    Wonging In vs. Out

    Hey AVS, that's great. Is the first player wonging out at +2 or at -1? The former seems unrealistic. Also, might you have switched the order? The +2 player should have better score. Could you sim the same thing with a 1-12 spread, possibly with LS? Thanks! How'd you do it, anyway?