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    how does this change the game?
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    Home Game 3/2 Single Deck

    I know your eyesight is not the best Flash but you may want to reread the original quote and your response here
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    If you want ExCAA:BC....

    One just ended on ebay today. High bid of $2,800 and reserve not met. (Dead link:
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    Woo hoo! I got my first backoff!

    They can say "He's a cheat/ shot taker/ money launderer/ self excluded/ whatever they feel like saying" and the plops will eat it up. This is from personal experience. For the most part this is true but after a few times of being roughed up and backroomed it becomes a bit tougher to keep...
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    Unbelievable payoff...twice.

    I knew a dealer who was colorblind. I never saw him screw up the chip colors. He said he just looks at the pips on the chips as they are different for each denomination. Same thing the eye would look for with older B&W cameras. I also know an AP who is colorblind and he seems to do OK when it...
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    Just got slaughtered for 110 units, I want to cry :cry:

    My partner once lost 140 max bets flatbetting a juicy 2:1 promo over the course of about 30 hours play. I was lucky enough to only be about 50% under EV during the same time period. The other players did OK and one of them crushed so the casino was probably close to their expected negative EV...
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    MGM beating

    I think it was Craps Master who said something along the lines of "try winning more money faster and see what happens" I believe it was in response to someone saying a casino didn't care about winners. It also applies to security goons. Beat a little dumpy run down casino hard enough to put a...
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    MGM beating

    After that officer is fired (hopefully they have enough sense to do that) he will probably get plenty of offers to work in casino security. I can think of several casinos who would be proud to have a guy like that on their team.
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    new career help

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    Bob Neresian on GWAE again.

    I'm interested to hear his comments on Tribal casinos. Actually I'm kinda scared to hear what he has to say..... Since you will be talking about tribal casinos do you think you could ask Bob his thoughts on these tribals flyering SS #'s and Drivers license scans all around the country to one and...
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    Arnold Synders new book?

    Must have changed in the last couple months try this one
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    Would you play with a dealer who is high?

    I naturally assume most dealers are high some just hide it better then others :joker: Actually I've played in the exact same situation you describe many times. I never questioned it at all. I figure any casino who doesn't notice or care that their dealers are obviously wasted probably aren't...
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    Josh Axelrad on The Moth

    Gotta love his description of the boat at Majestic star.
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    First Time I ever did this...

    When the count is zero I use the term "even" in my head instead of zero. Three times in 11 years I have slipped up and said the word "even" but I've never slipped up and said a number. There must be some explanation behind that.
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    Post stories of bad plays by others helping you out here!

    Jack already has a history of not listening to you and thinking he knows best so why even bother?