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    Vegas trip report (Warning: wordy)

    Not so sad Not so sad. I'm more comfortable playing 6D, and modest wins are still wins. My unit is such that I did pocket a good bit of cash even after paying for everyone's "fun stuff". I'd take a Vegas trip like this every time. Best... ZOD
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    Vegas trip report (Warning: wordy)

    In case anyone was wondering, that giant sucking sound you heard in 2004 was the Las Vegas monoliths whooshing my bankroll into their vaults. But now we have a new year, so I ventured back to the sites of my recent tortures to give it another whirl. Since my normal game is 6D, I decided to play...
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    'The Card Count King' *PIC*

    Just a thought I hope it works that way in the real world. But, to play devil's advocate for a minute, the following could happen: The not ready for prime time players flock to the tables in droves as a result of the hype from the books and movies. The casinos respond to these masses by...
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    End of Year Results

    Bankroll in waiting I keep about a third of my bankroll in cash. I like the idea of ultra-liquidity and this gives me enough to pretty much do anything I want on the spur of the moment. As far as the other two thirds, I keep 75% in relatively safe growth oriented mutual funds and 25% as my...
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    End of Year Results

    2004 results Another has come and gone. This year was ugly at the tables: Total hours played: 405 Total units won/lost: -288 Ave: -.71 units/hour My biggest session win was 114 units in about 90 minutes. My biggest loss was a disastrous combined loss of 283 units in back-to-back sessions...
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    Share your gaming memory from 2004 ...

    Giving advice My favorite moment was when I reluctantly gave a little elderly gentleman some splitting and doubling advice. He won $4000 on the hand and got so excited he started hollering and pumping his fists in the air. Then, without warning, he got off his stool and jumped onto my back! I...
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    Comps received in mail

    Nice to know you're using the old noggin'
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    The Shoe From Hell

    Hang in there Funny how a little variance can test your mettle. I had a 360 unit loss in a 2-day stretch earlier this year. As of this moment, I still haven't recovered fully. I know it's small consolation when you get hit that hard, but everyone who's played long enough goes through this...
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    Your input requested

    Thoughts My vote is for #4 or #5. It's Vegas, baby! #5 is more pleasing to the eye, though. The letter coloring is better and I like the typeface choice. Picture wise, I think the enhanced spotlight effect draws attention and I like "MGM" being prominently displayed. (And why wouldn't MGM want...
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    Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain.

    Interesting. Thanks for posting.
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    Jack Binion casinos

    Thanks Phantom, Appreciate the response. The question I posed originally arose after a martini induced conversation with two friends (both old and dear) who happen to work for casinos on the corporate level. The debate was whether or not counters are actually good for the house. Both of them...
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    Jack Binion casinos

    To all: Historically, how has the sweat factor been in the Jack Binion (now Harrahs owned) casinos? I'm curious as to the rules, penetration and overall casino experience, as well as the tolerance to counters. Love to hear some personal impressions or anecdotes. Thanks... ZOD
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    Four advantage players seen together!

    Burp Good points all. Filching is an important part of my play, but still has to be done with care. If I may ask, what exactly did you mean by "i prefer to use the act rather than sleight of hand, to bury checques."? The "act"? Best, ZOD
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    Four advantage players seen together!

    Magic "The chips filching is the palm thing that was mentioned in another thread? I remember doing it with coins when I was doing magic tricks as a kid... " Yeah, so did I. Funny how little skills like that can come in handy now. Best, ZOD
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    Four advantage players seen together!

    To filch filch--to steal, especially something of small value; to pilfer As far as the computer keeping track, it's pretty much as you described, except at lower denominations. In my case, I filch green chips. It's surprising how one or two each shoe (whether winning or losing) can add up over...