1. bynight

    double deck or 6 deck

    Hey everyone! In the casino Im currently playing at, they have a 2 deck game with approx 45% pen. Across from it they have a 6 deck game (same rules) with close to 95% pen.. With my smaller bankroll I really only wong in when the count is high to avoid more risk.. I guess my question could...
  2. A

    [Short trip one shot]How Viable is betting one big shot on 10+ TC with Spread 1-6? Investment wise

    With the rarity of 10+ TC to come by on 6 decks DAS DD, would it be a good one time investment to bet 35-50% of the bankroll for compressing the time factor or some sort? The time frame is 3 hours 250 hands in a week. bankroll might as little as 300-1000. Thanks.