basic stragegy

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    Started questioning does the card counting really work

    Hi, I became interested in Blackjack and card counting a little while ago - learned from and, read books by Dr. Thorp, Lance Humble and Peter Griffin; practiced basic strategy and card counting at home and visited casino in Louisiana a couple of...
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    Simulator Theory: Approaches and Applications?

    Recently, I have taken an interest in building a blackjack simulator for personal use/analysis. Long term is to get it to compute accurate indices for both a single parameter system and any accompanying side count parameters (multi-parametric analysis.) For a while, it seemed like it was to be...
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    Basic Strategy from a dealer

    Couldn’t believe I heard what I heard a dealer say last night. Situation: Me: A-2 Dealer: 2 I hit. The other players at the table were saying I should have doubled. I thought it’s a straight hit, so I hit. The dealer said it was the wrong move to make. I thought it’s a hit but when a...
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    Basic Strategy for Canadian Rules

    Im new to card counting. (And Canadian) Canada has some interesting rules for Blackjack, they always hit 17, DAS is allowed, and you can early surrender (they don't take a hole card) except vs. Ace. Also I believe if you double or split vs a blackjack you only lose the original bet. I'm not...