1. Michael Johnson

    Formula for instant comps at a BJ table

    I've played BJ for about 43 years. And like everyone, I enjoy a good comp. But with the advent of player cards I have found the value of a comp has only gone down. If you want to get an instant comp, forget talking to the dealer... talk to a Floor Manager (also incorrectly called a Pit Boss.)...
  2. R

    To Use Players Cards?

    Hi all, I am new to this and trying to get proficient at counting and what-not, but I have an operational question. It seems to me like a players card at a casino is asking them to track your winnings and eventually bar you from the game. Do most of you who count regularly use players...
  3. C

    Getting comps in Vegas

    Hi all, I would like to know your insight about how the comp system works out in Las Vegas. Specifically the MGM Grand chain since it's comp card is affiliated with most of the other casinos on the strip. I heard it's something like 15% of your money back, but would like to be certain. I only...
  4. B

    Newbie to AC needs the straight dope

    Hi folks, I'm visiting AC late september and need to know if that's a good time to get good rates and deals at hotels. Also, I need to know with a certain level of certainty which casino's have 5$ blackjack tables and are good for comps in this post-crisis world. any recommendations...
  5. M

    Counting on Comp Cards: Is it worth having one?

    I got a comp card when I first started card counting at the casino. There is only one casino near me, and I can't travel much. In the beginning I didn't think it was a big deal and enjoyed getting free parking, buffet, and hotel stays. I would hand in my comp card everytime I cashed in for the...
  6. S

    Foxwoods and MGM Dream Card Comp / Rating System??

    I am just wondering if anyone has figured out the Comp / rating system for the Foxwoods and MGM Foxwoods Dream Card. I have been there two times this month. On my last trip there I spent probably about 6 hours at one table and put anywhere from 4-6K through it. My average bet was around 20...