double deck

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    Double Deck True Count

    When playing DD, I use HiLo. Converting to true count can be done several ways, such as dividing by 1/2 deck, 1/4 deck or ???? What do you recommend in getting true count in this situation? Thanks!
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    Double Deck BJ Penetration

    Hey - I've typically been playing 6 deck games...I'm thinking of playing a little double deck but want to make sure I don't play a losing game. Using Hi-Lo couting system, what kind of penetration do you want to see in order to know the game is beatable? Assume decent rules....DAS...
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    Turning Stone - Double Deck

    I haven't seen much posted about Turning Stone's double deck games. Up until last year you were able to play with $100 minimums. In the spring of 2007 they upped the minimum to $200. This was enough for me to stop despite being well ahead in the game. Now they have $50 minimums with four...