1. D

    No One Should Have To Pay To Get Full Indices

    Why should you pay to get CVData or CVCX when someone who already has it can just post full indices onto this forum? I was only able to find about 90 of the full Hi-Lo indices online. It should not be so difficult to find them. It would be way more efficient if indices for the most common card...
  2. D

    6 Deck H17 Playing Deviations

    Can I get a chart for Hi-Lo 6 Deck H17 playing deviations for the following? LS 17 vs A 16 vs 7 16 vs A 15 vs 7 15 vs 8 15 vs A 14 vs A 13 vs 10 88 vs A The charts should look like this and show how the advantage changes with the count. I want to see a chart and not just index numbers. I only...
  3. 6

    A/9 vs v 10/10

    Much is made of splitting 10's vs a 6 or 5. Much of the literature and or sims (that I have read/done) show that the indexes for these is 12 and 10 respectivly. Then there is the non mathamatical opinion, of some that it generates to much heat, and should possibly be passed on even though...
  4. peaegg

    what's the major playing index change when switching from S17 to H17

    If the rest of the game conditions are similar, 2D, double after split and penetration 0.7, what would be the major playing index differences? I suspect that I should hit more when facing dealer's 6, if I have 12. Currently I hit if the RC is less than -2, using zen. But when I use CVIndex, I...