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    iPhone Blackjack

    Just to be upfront, I am a new member and I built the game Bona Fide Blackjack for the iPhone. I was hoping to be able to share it with you guys. I built it because the iPhone lacked a good statistically accurate blackjack game. Bona Fide Blackjack is not only statistically accurate it has...
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    Useful BJ Apps for iPhone and iPod Touch

    Has anyone had any experience with "Blackjack Mentor for the iPhone" or "Blackjack Expert for the iPhone"? Or other useful Apps? I have "Perfect Play Blackjack" which is useful for quick on the fly EV calculations for specific Player vs. Dealer hands. It is very practical to load blackjack...
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    Interested in feedback on free iPhone Strategy App

    "Easy BlackJack Cheat Sheet" - FREE in the iPhone App Store Although this is partly a plug for our FREE iPhone application, this is *not* an automated message, and I will read all replies. The app is currently buried in the App Store, so you'll have to pass around the name or the link if...