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    KO Knockout Blackjack - some clarification with 4 decks

    Hi, I can count comfortably with KO and apply the preferred matrix as needed. I also apply, some weighting to decisions based on the number of decks remaining as has been discussed on other threads i.e. KO can undervalue the true count very early and can over value later on etc. I want to...
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    Red 7 and Kiss 3 Indexes

    Hi everyone, I just finished reading both Blackjack Bluebook II and Blackbelt in Blackjack, and am practicing counting with KISS 3 and Red 7. I have a couple questions: 1) Based on the card counting efficiency calculator, how important is the BC vs PE for both systems? It looks like having...
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    noob question about KO

    Does how deep into the decks you are make any difference for the count in KO? Meaning, if I am at +4 after 10 cards have been dealt, should I be betting as high as I would with +4 and 10 cards left in the deck? I understand that the ratio of 2-7s to 10/A's should be the same in either case...