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    Crazy Odds Question for Math Wizards

    I am seeking what the odds are of a very, very unusual blackjack hand!!! Ready for this scenario?? A six deck blackjack table. (standard blackjack.) A player is dealt two aces (A1 & A2). She splits. A1 is dealt an ace (A3) - so she splits again. A1 is dealt an ace (A4) - so she splits again...
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    A/9 vs v 10/10

    Much is made of splitting 10's vs a 6 or 5. Much of the literature and or sims (that I have read/done) show that the indexes for these is 12 and 10 respectivly. Then there is the non mathamatical opinion, of some that it generates to much heat, and should possibly be passed on even though...