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    modified approach to 'true edge' - does this seem right?

    I'm new to this counting world, but have been soaking up all I can to try to get a system down. I've started with the Red 7 count and am trying to use Snyder's 'true edge' calculation to decide on a bet ramp. Some review from the veterans on this site would be much appreciated. In Blackbelt in...
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    How much edge for i lose when i spread 1-4 vs 1-5 DD, Standard Vegas rules

    hi all, Been counting for about 2 years and have had some success. Nothing to write home about but average WR of about 1.7 bets per hour over 500+ hours. I usually play short sessions. I usually spread 1-5 but I hit a rough spell and was losing a lot of big bets. I for some reason went...
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    Optimum Betting and Spread

    I was working on a spreadsheet to help me determine an optimum betting schedule (using Kelly) and came across the dilemma of using optimum betting and keeping the spread in check. Of course, as your bank roll goes up, the size of your optimum max bet goes up. Assuming you want to use the...
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    What Could I Be Doing Wrong?

    Hi Everybody, I started counting cards back in August. I practice rigourously and regularly by using Casino Verite and frequenting casinos every weekend. I am able to count a deck down in less than 20 seconds and very rarely make any mistakes in my count. I am using the Hi-Lo system with...