1. GuyIncognito

    Sweat Levels at Treasure Island and Stratosphere

    These two places appear to offer some of the best $25 double deck on the strip but how sweaty are they? I've read Treasure Island double deck can be sweaty does anyone have tips on cover for them? Will a more conservative spread help with longevity? I've not read much about Stratosphere any...
  2. GuyIncognito

    Who Does MGM Share Info With

    Who does MGM share info with? I've heard there is a database that certain companies share but are they a participant or do they keep the info to themselves? I stay at MGM resorts when in Vegas so matching my name and face without a player's card is easy enough if they want to.
  3. K

    Empty forum?

    Just decided to go from solo AP to trying to make friends while I'm still here. Expectedly not all is well, nobody changes their behavior if things are working and I am no exception. Variance is extreme and negative and consistent for a dozen sessions despite the infocards... I'm becoming...
  4. G

    Biometrica? Biometrics?

    Can anyone tell me about a player tracking system using a system called Biometrics or Biometrica? A guy I was chatting with in Vegas mentioned about how it's used to track players/card counters from Casino to Casino? What does it entail and how does it track? I live in San Diego and is this a...