Empty forum?

Just decided to go from solo AP to trying to make friends while I'm still here. Expectedly not all is well, nobody changes their behavior if things are working and I am no exception. Variance is extreme and negative and consistent for a dozen sessions despite the infocards... I'm becoming convinved I have some fundamentals wrong or something and cannot seem to drill it away solo.

I have access to all the venues in Vegas and despite huge spreads and split 10s (usually "for fun" on low dollars at odd times) even at the EC my standing is golden and I am probably pegged to the pb as a loser because...well yea.

Who wants a free coffee and possibly dinner to straighten me out?
That's a pretty fair note. Military and police back life, not single but entirely freeform. Self taught burgeoning auto mechanic with an eye for helping down and out owners and "playing god" to stand between them and ruin since others saved my life doing the same for me.

I never particularly worried for my safety but perhaps I should consider that of my BR moreso...after all for all the help and pleasantries we are all here in the pursuit of either blue-sky theory or money, no?