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Discussion in 'General' started by IcyM, Nov 24, 2011.

  1. IcyM

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    As title says. Been playing a few different stores lately, trying some newer ones out and the such. Played yesterday at the 1 for the first time, made 40 units over an hour or so and left. Sensed no heat and no sweat. Only time I felt any 'heat' was when I colored up and I left the table a winner as opposed to a loser; I could sense the floor seemed to not have many winners, and felt a very, very slight irritation in his voice as he told me to have a good day. I don't think most people would have picked up on that vibe but even so, I don't think leaving a winner pegged me as a counter necessarily. Well, I went back today, made sure to try and pick a different shift in case my read was right on that guy being slightly insincere with the "have a good day." Made sure 7 hour time-difference from yesterdays shift; I saw the same floor for a brief moment at 1 point, not in the pit but kinda near it I guess. I was there for no more then 20 minutes, down 5 units at that point.

    Then I get the tap from a different floor person -- "this will be your last hand."
    Me: "Why's that?"
    Floor: "Your play is too good for us."
    Me: "Too good? I"m just playing cards."
    Floor: *Silence*

    At that point, finished the hand, cashed out, and left. I don't understand how I saw the same floor for a brief moment(it wasn't like we made eye-contact, I just barely noticed him); I wasn't even concerned if I did, necessarily, as I was only there the night before and for not more than an hour or so. But I figure it's not a bad habit to practice to play different shifts if you're able, so that's what I did. He was there, and I'm guessing he noticed me and didn't like me winning the day before. That, or the eye in the sky pegged me the night before, I'm not exactly sure. It was only my 2nd time playing there, and I didn't put in more then 2 hours of play. And I don't think it was a matter of them not being able to take a 40 unit loss :eek: They carry purples in the rack and their max would lead me to believe they don't mind taking action(I'm not a black or purple player, just saying the rack was 25k+).

    That's basically the gist of it. It kind of bothered me because I didn't even get to spread really today. Got maybe 5 or 6 shuffles in, mostly low negatives through. I even made a few plays that would look like camo possibly - insuring on neutral count, hitting my 12 on a dealer 15 on a count that was like -8(and yes, I would never want to play a count that high but I wong'ed out just before it and didn't see an opportunity to move tables.) I didn't feel my play was overly fishy, so I'm still kind of stuck in my head as to the exact reason behind getting backed off. Not sure if it was floor or eye, or what.

    Oh, I just thought of something. Wonder if me not having a player's card was a 'red-flag,' as I know there have been many discussions about this. (I usually get 1, but I genuinely didn't know how often I would play this store and just didn't feel like going through the process.) Kuz when I bought in, it was 'changing xxx, no player's card.' The dealer asked me the night before, and 1 asked me today. I politely declined both times.

    My only mental issue is I'm not sure if this place backs off players often, or if my play was just so blatantly obvious, if it was a result of cashing out 40 units, or what.

  2. ascension

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    First, be thankful that you were just backed off and were only down 5units (up net 35units) when you got the tap. that being said, it does seem odd that they would not want your business after just the two short sessions you mention...

    I think you did a lot of good things like trying to switch shifts and not playing for too long which are generally recommended. Also, thanks for sharing your story:)
  3. PierceNation

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    If you played for only an hour, 40 units is over expectation with the bet spread you employ. So I guess you won a lot for the amounts you were playing in there eyes.

    If your betting levels are low, say red chips, this backoff suggests your play is completely obvious. I don't think even the sweatiest PBs would back off someone after an hour unless there betting black and above.
  4. Baberuth

    Baberuth Well-Known Member

    "You're too good." A polite tap.

    The best part is you were anon and you can still score there again. You were right when you felt something upon coloring out. They reviewed your play after you left and you going back so soon and the same floor guy seeing you got you the tap. As you said "not many winners" so the review of your play was time they had. The tap was polite and short as was your play so I doubt there was much logged that will be remmebered in a few months.
    Say as little as you can when tapped and leave with no added attention so you will be forgotten sooner. I have done the exact same when first tapped and learned from other veteran posters.
    Congratulations on the win and many more to you. Remember, "You're too good."

  5. Icy

    Sorry to hear of that Back-Off, but do you remember some of your recent posts, and some of the replys you received in the form of advice?

    Was this the casino where you had the problem with the "old" dealer that you wrote about recently?

  6. IcyM

    IcyM Member

    It was not; this was a new store I figured I'd try out.

    The confusing part, for me, is that my play here I would say is no different than play I use else where. The store I usually go to, I probably have 60 hours of play there, and haven't felt any heat.

    If my play I would say is unchanged at each store, why would 1 back me off whereas the other is letting me have impunity at their tables?

    It's tough for me to know if I need to be changing things or if this place commonly backs off winners. I was gonna possibly play somewhere today but not sure if some part of my play has some holes in it.
  7. ascension

    ascension Member

    ideally you should adjust your play for every store because each has its own unique conditions.
  8. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Different casinos have different thresholds. Also, it may have been "luck" on the part of the casino. Perhaps they were watching someone else at the table, and somebody said, "hey take a look at this guy's bet variation." Maybe there were no low-cut blouses to look down, so surveillance was bored and had to find some other entertainment. You never know, but I wouldn't worry about it.
  9. bj bob

    bj bob Well-Known Member

    How many decks were you playing? If you were playing a pitch game, especially SD, one hour can be a lifetime heat wise. If it were a shoe game, then the player's card was probably the issue.
  10. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    Definitely a good idea to just say "Okay" and leave like you did.

    I have a friend on here who was backed off and then on the way out some guard stood at the front doors and attempted to read him the trespass act and he just walked right by him and out the door :laugh:
  11. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    I think I know what the issue was. It is not with the PB but the dealer . A lot of dealer think they should be included in your game plan & will rat you out in a minute .

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