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  • Yeah Chef, Next time you're coming down this way, give me a heads up and we can get together.
    Didn't know you were in a good friend that lives in Canton. We go down there quite often to hit up the town.

    Hope all is well with you Bob.
    Oh, its "all assembly required"! Building it from scratch. It's been definitely paying dividends already though. I've learned a ton just from reps.
    Even if it's "some assembly required", it's pretty cool. Now the trick is to shoot those NUMBERS 10-15 in a row. Let me know how it's coming along.
    Santa brought me more projects around the of which is a 12' craps table!!! Hard to complain about that. My practice regimen is elevated to a whole new level.

    Keep truckin' Bob.
    Besides the cold and the rainy weather, I'm hanging in there, and you? What did Santa Clause bring ya?
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    Dignum et justum est quod ego sum gauisus efficio sic.
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