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Discussion in 'General' started by pogostick, Nov 4, 2011.

  1. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    Just got back from a cruise & starting to re think my way of playing craps. After constant losing on pass line & 2 come bets with odds, I decided to just place the 6 & 8 for $12 each & let it work on the come out & stop playing the pass line. If either would hit I would press both up to $18 . 6 or 8 hit pays me $21 . I now have $23 >$1 short of my investimate of $24 . Any 6 or 8 after the one press will pay me $21 on any 6 or 8. Of course if you stay long enough ,you will lose ,but I find this system works good if you leave the table after a $200 loss or $200 win. $1000 divided by 2 will give me 5 sessions of $200. Start with $200 ,win $200 net session will be $400 to win $200 If you lose the $400 ,you still have $800 but your next session will be $200 ,win $200 > next session $400 ,but do take a break. If you double your $1000 you may want to place the 6 & 8 for $30 each & press one time. Other than that, invest in municipal bonds . LOL Pogo . OH WHAT THE HECK ? Skill on BJ > luck on craps
  2. blackriver

    blackriver Well-Known Member

    Sounds like free money. Why give away this amazing system
  3. blackriver

    blackriver Well-Known Member

    166 posts? Old gold I'm sure
  4. ChefJJ

    ChefJJ Well-Known Member

    Not that it really matters so much, but pressure players in the game of craps rarely last at the table.
  5. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    I know! 7= ( 6 x 6 / 36 7= 6 & 8 =10 7 =6 2x10 =20 2x7=12 1X7 =6 factor of of one role 36 so if 6&8 has a f of 10 on the first roll & 7 = 6 0n the first roll,that is why I only pressure one time. That said ,you can use any two combinations of 2 numbers. I just trying to lower my loss & have a chance to win a few bucks . Blackjack has been killing me lately. Pogo
  6. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    344 > all gold Im sure?
  7. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    Try this only at home ! Do not try this method on a real crap table . In fact don't play any craps. This was posted before I started taken focus factor LOL
  8. alwayssplitaces

    alwayssplitaces Well-Known Member

    If you can control your throws to decrease the probability of the seven, then this is profitable.

    I also like using matchplays like this. I bet cash and a match play on the dont pass bar, then place the 6 and 8 and press up my winnings. If the first roll is the seven out, oh well, I just take my winnings from the dont pass. But if the 6 and 8 hit, I let them ride till the seven out. Once I won $300+ from a 30 minute roll just using up a $10 matchplay because the seven didn't rear its ugly head that long.
  9. pogostick

    pogostick Well-Known Member

    Hmmm> I'm always open to a new way of play. I use the V 6 after my point has been established & believe it or not it worked or I felt like it prolonged the 7 out more than usual.

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