Am I missing something

Hello everyone,
I've started using the HiLo system, I know my basic strategy but when I'm using software or counting by hand with cards I seem to be getting a disproportionate amount of 10s when my count is sufficiently in the negatives (-5). When I have free time at work I'm using the free game here as practice and this seems to be happening to me over and over.

I don't think I'm mis-using the strategy

2-6 +1
7-9 0
10/A -1

Is this just a quirk/anomaly?
Accuracy Check

The tags you are using; Hi Low, are just fine.
When you count down a deck you should end with the number 0, if you are not then you are making mistakes.


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lightcycle said:
Is this just a quirk/anomaly?
Probably, unless you've kept track over a few hundred thousand hands.

At a true count of -5, you should be getting 10's 27% of the time. At a true count of 0, you should be getting 10's 31% of the time.

You have to play a LOT of hands to tell the difference.
Thanks for the info. I can usually get in up to 1000 hands a day so seeing that percentage with the psychological influence of getting beat made it stick out in my mind.