Anyone from Washington State here?

I play at Wizard's in Burien. They let you double on any 2 cards and also double after splitting. And they also have a double-deck table but I don't think you can DAS there.
Casinos in Pierce County

The best one I've found is Chips in the Lakewood area. Double-deck, dealer hits soft 17, favorable player rules, suited blackjacks and 6,7,8 pays 2:1 (during "happy hours"; call to find out when these are. All BJ tables do this). Just playing basic strategy alone, the casino has only about a .1% edge! Table minimum is $15 though, which is too much for me personally. Two nights ago, I won $92.50 there at a $5 table just with basic. Check this place out! Also, $2 minimum blackjack all day every Tuesday.

Chips Casino
8200 Tacoma Mall Bv. S. Lakewood
(253) 581-5851
Thanks for the post

I haven't really checked out Chip's Casino but I live in Puyallup so I think it might be worth the drive. I called them to ask what time is their happy hour and the guy said it is from 9am - noon and 9pm - midnight. He also confirmed about the suited blackjack and 6,7,8 paying 2:1. Do you happen to know their exact rules for the multideck games?

I usually play at the Grand Central Casino (aka Great American Casino) also in Lakewood. They have 6 deck game with DAS, H17, double on any 2 cards and they also allow you to re-split aces. They usually have about 85% penetration (less than a deck remaining when shuffled) which makes it slightly beatable with counting. They are very nice with comps also.
rules at Chips Casino...

Dealer hits soft 17, double on any two cards, and I'm about 90% sure that you're allowed to resplit aces (I have never had to do that before).

take em' down!
places to play

I hear that PJ Pockets Casino in King County has a decent double deck game. I know that the Great American Casino in Lakewood offers double deck for $25 minimum, double down on 9,10,11 only, no DAS, H17. I usually play their 6 deck game with favorable rules... see above. I stopped by Chips the other day and not only do they offer the special bonuses between 9pm - 12am but they also give you $10 in match play coupons every night between 9pm-12am if you are a club member.

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Pullman, WA here...

Not much going on in my area, the local bowling alley "Zeppos" got rid of their golf simulator about a year ago and added a "casino." It's a real dump, way too small and cramped, a real joke. However, they must be doing well because they are now expanding the whole facility, and the new casino should be open within 2 months.

Nearby Clarkston, WA has a bowling alley/casino deal too, it was just bought out by the owners of Zeppos.

Even though there is a larger casino nearby in Lewiston Idaho (Clearwaer River Casino, Indian) Idaho law apparently prohibits table gaming, so it's all slots. Bleah.

Spokane apparently has some decent joints, but I need to build up my bankroll before I go there. I was doing pretty well until I memorized and started playing "The Book." Go figure.

Well, at least there is somewhere locally I can play. Better than some, worse than most. Go cougs!
Chips Casino

So I took the advice of a fellow member and visited Chips Casino in Lakewood. I was disappointed to find out that they weren't offering the match play coupons anymore because they "don't offer the VIP system anymore to regular customers." I thought that to be little strange, but nevertheless I continued to the blackjack table.

It was barely past 9pm when I cashed in some chips and started playing. Amazingly around my 3rd hand or so, I was dealt a suited blackjack with a $10 bet out. I was expecting the bonus 2-1 payoff but was surprised when I was only paid $15. I asked him why I wasn't paid the bonus and he explained that he started that shoe before 9pm so the bonus wasn't offered yet. Now, I'm not one to argue to often, but I thought this was ridiculous since it was past 9pm... so I called the pit boss over and she let me have the extra $5 but not after explaining to me that you have to wait for the first new shoe after 9pm to get paid the bonuses.

Overall, I wasn't impressed with Chips. Not a very friendly staff and the people playing were rude too. I like the atmosphere better at Grand Central Casino since they have a nice VIP club with very liberal comps; however, the bonuses offered after 9pm do make it a basically break even blackjack game to the basic strategy player.

Question: If all blackjacks are paid 2-1 then this roughly gives you a 2% increase in player edge... Do suited blackjacks give you 1/4 of this edge or .5% ? (assuming you receive a suited blackjack roughly 1 out of every 4 blackjacks)

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Northern Quest Casino, Spokane

Large, modern casino just past the airport. I have been told the food is very good, although I have no first hand knwledge because I came to play not to eat.

I particularly enjoyed playing in their smoke-free area. Most of the dealers were pretty good. Well, let me rephrase that. 2/3 were very good, and about 1/3 really were not good at all, but it all evened out in the end and I had a good time at the table.

My highlight (aside from clearing about $400) was when the drink waitress (no cocktails) asked me if I had dropped the $5 next to the base of my seat. Being an honest guy, I said no. But she leaned in pretty close and said, "no... really, if you dropped it, then you should pick it up." and winked.

Twist my arm, really. Especially when it turned out to be two fives, not one. I played one and tipped her the other one. So that was kinda cute.

All in all, nice place and I plan to return.
Matchplays Unlimited!

spotted this site on Google and thought i'd join in. There is a website called, and they sell an Entertainment Book for $40, which is filled with over 100 matchplay coupons from about 13 different casinos from Olympia to Everett. If anyone has these, and would like to trade me for casino's close to their place (i have tons from Everett, Bremerton and Olympia that i dont go to often, and would love to trade for casinos in White Center (magic lanes, roxbury lanes, and Rascals especially)
Good Luck Everyone!
Re: Matchplays Unlimited!

I also have now joined so that I can post my coupon trade request. I just received my 2006 Lady Luck Casino Coupon Book and would like to trade any of my east-side casino coupons for the first two sets in the book (All Star Lanes and Bremerton Lanes). If anyone out there has this coupon book and is interested in trading coupons, click on my ID and send me a private message.