Atlantis - March 2011 Report

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by RealityCheck, Mar 22, 2011.

  1. RealityCheck

    RealityCheck New Member

    Afternoons (All Days)
    12 6D Tables - 3:2, H17, DAS, 1.6-2.0 Penetration

    Nights (Sunday-Thursday)
    1 $15 SD - 6:5, H17, DAS, bust cards given to dealer FACE DOWN
    20+ 6D Tables -3:2, H17, DAS, 1.6-2.0 Penetration
    5 - $10
    5 - $15
    3 - $20
    3 - $25
    2 - $100
    2 - $500

    Nights (Friday-Saturday)
    1 $15 SD - 6:5, H17, DAS, bust cards given to dealer FACE DOWN
    20+ 6D Tables -3:2, H17, DAS, 1.6-2.0 Penetration
    5 - $15
    5 - $20
    5 - $25
    3 - $100
    2 - $500
  2. HockeXpert

    HockeXpert Well-Known Member

    Thanks for the update. Not much has changed other than the # of sd 6:5 tables. They used to have a ton. I guess even ploppies who have been out in the sun too long know how crappy that game is.

    Has the shuffle on the 6D changed??? That used to be the most attractive part about playing there.

    What does "bust cards given to dealer FACE DOWN" mean? If it means what I think it means, they are WAY too nervous about counters on a 6:5 game!:laugh::joker:
  3. MangoJ

    MangoJ Well-Known Member

    I suppose the dealer draws facedown, and when he busts he pays the table without showing. If he stands, he proves his hand, and collects the bets ?
  4. HockeXpert

    HockeXpert Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that the players don't expose their cards when they bust and toss them in? Either way it sounds very weird and very stupid. It must have come from upper management.
  5. pieinthesky

    pieinthesky Well-Known Member

    Atlantis 6D

    When did Atlantis become H17?
  6. Atlametis

    Good lord,,,lousy games from a ripoff resort,,,why am I not surprised:rolleyes:

  7. RealityCheck

    RealityCheck New Member

    I would rate the average shuffle speed to be under 5 minutes. So compared to last year's 10 minute per shuffle average, I had to shake a lot faster when using the restroom!

    Exactly what you think...if I hit and busted the dealer did NOT want me throwing my cards face up on the table... The dealer still deals hit cards face up and turns over your cards to see if you win/lose. But yes...a little too paranoid on a $15 dollar table...
  8. HockeXpert

    HockeXpert Well-Known Member


    Thanks for all the information. If their current shuffle is half as long as it used to be, it must be a cinch to beat!:eek:
  9. Jack_Black

    Jack_Black Well-Known Member

    Is this something you really want to post on a public forum? for any atlantis employee to see?
  10. HockeXpert

    HockeXpert Well-Known Member

    It's not valuable enough to me to protect it and others here may appreciate it. If they were to make a change based on my post it would most likely cost them dearly and I'm ok with that.

    If the mods or anyone who values that information thinks that should be removed, feel free to do so.
  11. blackjack avenger

    blackjack avenger Well-Known Member


    What were the average number of players per table during each shift you mentioned?

    What was the action like during each shift you mentioned?

    Was it sweaty or relaxed?

    Did they sweat playing with ratings card or not

    Could one ummmmm stand around? Were there a lot of people watching or wandering around?
  12. eandre

    eandre Well-Known Member

    Atlantis is a vacation resort, in fact most of the Carribean does not offer favorable rules, at least not worth risking any real money. My travels have only found one location worth the trip...St. Kitts.
  13. 21forme

    21forme Well-Known Member

    Isn't St. Kitts where a casino owner pointed a gun at Tommy Hyland and demanded his winnings back?
  14. eandre

    eandre Well-Known Member

    Don't know, but it's now Italian owned and will tolerate heavy money...$500-$3000 per hand. They are also always willing to fly a player in, put them up n a suite, feed and entertain them as long as they or lose. Rules are the best in the Carribean. I visit 4-6 times /yr.
  15. Sucker

    Sucker Well-Known Member

    It's not always about YOU. There may be other people here, for who it IS valuable enough to protect. Try to show some respect for those persons.
  16. zengrifter

    zengrifter Banned

    Its nothing. zg
  17. pieinthesky

    pieinthesky Well-Known Member

    Atlantis 6D

    As of yesterday, the 6D tables at Atlantis were S17, except for a few in the carnival games pit.
  18. Dyepaintball12

    Dyepaintball12 Well-Known Member

    That's the one! Tommy refused so the owner of the casino (who essentially ran the island) took him on a nice little walk at gunpoint down an alley until Tommy decided he'd changed his mind! :laugh:
  19. StudiodeKadent

    StudiodeKadent Well-Known Member

    A very pleasant surprise!

    Its nice when resorts understand the concept of better blackjack games.
  20. pieinthesky

    pieinthesky Well-Known Member


    Here's something else to think about if you're planning to go to Atlantis: If you need to stay in touch with the "outside world" while you're there, you have limited choices. Roaming (voice only) on Verizon is $1.99/min. and coverage is spotty. Before I left, Verizon told me not to even think about roaming with data - it would cost a fortune. While I was there, I had to call Verizon due to the problems I was having. They do not have a toll-free international number, so I called from a pay phone at Atlantis using my credit card. It was a typical service call - endless holds, phone trees, etc., lasting the better part of a half hour. Total bill, over $85!!

    For e-mail, internet, etc. you can buy internet access from the resort at about $16/day or use your 15 minutes of free daily internet access in the resort's library. If you anticipate having to make a lot of outbound calls to the US while you are there, I recommend coughing up for internet access, buying some Skype minutes and avoiding the pay phones, or at least not using the credit card ones (I didn't try the ones that use phone cards, but I've heard from a regular that they also are very difficult to use). I couldn't find free wi-fi anywhere on the property. I read that they had it at Riu next door, and I found that they did, but I was soon asked to leave the lobby because I didn't have a bracelet indicating I was a hotel guest.

    In addition to the $85 phone bill, when I got home I received a surprise from my bank (Ally), which reimburses me all ATM fees in the US. While it did reimburse me the $3 fee each time I used the ATM in Atlantis, it added a $4 international interchange fee, or some such malarkey, to each transaction. That fee was not disclosed on the ATM when I made each transaction.
    In sum, plan on spending a little extra money if you need to stay in communication with the US while you are at Atlantis and if you need to use the ATM.

    Be aware also that comps are very tight. About $35 a day is added to the room rate in the form of taxes surcharges, compulsory tips, etc., and these are not comped. If you have a free room, you will pay those, and you will not be comped any meals until you've "earned" in comps the net room rate times the number of days of your stay.

    If you like video poker, be aware that the best I could find at any denomination was 8/5 jacks or better.

    The good news is that the cab fare to and from the airport is still $32 (plus $1 for the bridge toll inbound), and there is a very nice new international departure terminal at the Nassau airport.

    While the comps are not as good as at most US resorts, and there's not much worth playing other than blackjack, the blackjack games at Atlantis remain pretty good and a $50 to $100 unit player can enjoy a unique resort for a lot less than "paying customers."

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