Attacking 6:5 for fun (and profit?)

Discussion in 'General' started by jopke, Nov 5, 2010.

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    So what is the best count for 6:5?

    It seems like if you really want to try to beat this game (and violate the priniple of not giving business to the horrible rules) we should figure out what the best count is against this game, and go from there. If we knew which count was the best against SD 6:5, from among those already practitioning that count could be selected the ones who will punish the casinos for offering such a craptacular game. I'm going to guess something Ace-neutral, like Hi-Opt II (with no side count) would do relatively well versus the other counts. Maybe AOII, isn't that ace neutral? Probably want ace neutral since the BJ pays less.
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    The best way to beat singledeck 6:5

    I have worked on this and studied this for many years to devise the best way to beat singledeck blackjack. Disguise is important here because there is serious heat involved but it's quite simple really. Upon sitting at the table say to the dealer, "Look! It's Halley's comet!" and point toward the ceiling. Then grab two handfuls of black chips out of the tray and haul ass out of there as fast as you can...

    Okay, seriously... I have never played 6:5 singledeck because it's just a poor quality game. That's one of the cardinal rules of being a successful advantage player--- Don't play poor quality games! If you are slightly "wild and crazy" or "like a real challenge" or "have a strange sense of invincibility when in a casino environment" or "are independently wealthy that it just really does not f*cking matter" or something like that then go for it!

    I did see another bona fide counter tackling a 6:5 singledeck game in an AC casino some years back. I was strolling by and paused to watch the singledeck game in action for a moment (for amusement's sake and not because I was considering playing) and was seeing a guy planted at the center spot with a stack of green in front of him. I was following along with Tarzan count and it didn't take very long to see that he was very much in tune with the count and playing accordingly. Seeing another real live actual bona fide counter in the casinos to begin with was remarkable and unheard of thing for me, just not something you see everyday and there's actually not very many of us. Although he lost badly during the time I was watching, I could see that his bet spread was enough that theoretically he could maybe do okay out of the deal (and also get the attention of the pit and the eye).

    I wandered off on my merry way and wondered why he would bother with playing that game. Was it bragging rights? Was it a matter of taking on a monumental challenge like when people try to climb Mt. Everest or something? People have died trying to climb Mt. Everest...My advice is to please PLEASE avoid playing this game.
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    One man's trash is another man's treasure. Sometimes one must simply think outside the box. ;)

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