Best "Basic Strategy"

I have mastered the different basic strategies depending on number of decks, S17 or H17, DAS etc. But if I want to teach someone just one basic strategy, which one would be the best no matter which game was being played? I understand we'll be giving up some edge but which "universal" strategy will be the overall best in all the different situations?


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Most strategy cards are sold in three major variations. Single Deck (S17/H17), Double Deck (S17/H17) and "Multiple Deck" (S17/H17).

It seems to me that the predominate game in casinos, expecially Indian Casinos, are the multiple deck games. The variations are very subtle between the S17 and H17 options and the frequency of occurance of hands invoking the variations are not really that common.

I would grab one of the Multiple Deck cards and teach that strategy. As for the S17 or H17 option, I would probably pick H17 since it is more common in "my" area on Multiple Deck games. "Surrender" is offered in only one casino and that is in a casino that is 50 miles away from the location of the majority where I play. Surrender only comes into play on two dealer hands in Basic Strategy anyway...easily "tacked on" to whatever Basic Strategy you choose to use.

Ken offers strategy cards specific to the game you are entering right here on the site.

Wizzard of Odds has some.

Finally, there is a set I believe on that is not table specific that gives a bit less than optimum strategy. I haven't studied that model so cannot attest to it's effectiveness.


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I'd agree with Mike. If you don't know what the rules are that the person will be playing most of the time, it is probable that they'll be playing a multi-deck H17 without surrender.