Best place to play BJ in London?

Discussion in 'Outside of USA' started by Young Man, Jun 5, 2010.

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    At the right moment ............

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    There is a game of blackjack you can play right here in the UK that is up there with the best of them available in the US. Its not located in London, and I don't feel like divulging the rules in public, the game would get burnt out pretty quickly. Contact me for details.

    On second thoughts maybe I should keep it to myself, it just seems a crying shame that money is being left on the table while i'm not playing it. I can only get there on weekends. Or maybe i'm wrong perhaps someone else has discovered it too.
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    London Update

    Napoleans Casino (Central London - Leicester Square)

    The good: 4 deck games. S17. 5 -1 0 quid mins. No problem hopping around. One pit with 4 - 6 tables. Lots of Chinese players i.e. superstitious ploppy play.

    The bad: Penetration varies greatly. 1 to 1.75 decks.

    The misc: Game protection from the pit varies. Dealer training varies. Single data point of non-existent heat at low roll levels

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    rule? no ES10 n insur???
    5-10 quids mins=???
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