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Discussion in 'Blackjack - Online Casinos' started by Partyscammers, Jun 28, 2011.

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    Um, playing BS has you surrendering once in a while, there's no edge if you only surrender those hands. Plus I'm playing against a computer, there's no dealer to "call upstairs" to check out my play. And based on the quality of their crappy software I doubt they red flag people for certain strategy plays.

    Not to mention this was in no way a cash cow that I could milk for years. Sooner or later someone's going to discover this and report it to the casino (The 75% surrender thing was discovered by accident by a friend of mine)

    The guy from management who called me didn't bring up the T&C, or any kind of evidence that they didn't have to pay me. If anything he sounded like he was afraid of me. He was very careful with everything he said and avoided my very direct questions. And for the record, they never made any attempt to get any money back from me. (I didn't keep much $ in the account that I used to cash out from neteller, but there was no chargeback attempts on either my bank account or neteller. Even if I didn't have sufficient funds to cover a chargeback I would be notified if there was an attempt). In fact, he said something like "You already got a lot from us, you should consider it a win". Everything he said made it sound like they legally owed me the money. Otherwise the conversation should've gone something like "According to item #10 in our T&C, exploiting a flaw in the software is grounds for account closure and non-payment, and statute #whatever of Gibraltar law also states that. You won't be paid and your account will remain closed, bye". Not half an hour of dodging my questions and pussyfooting around the issue
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    All the accounts involved withdrew far more then the pre-wagering levels.

    All the accounts basically had $100 deposited and at least $2K withdrawn in the same day and were all linked to the same IP range (I changed IPs for each account but it was all within the same range belonging to the same ISP...) Doesn't exactly take a genius to figure out that I was behind all of it. However, they never accused me of multi-accounting, in fact, they never accused me of anything.
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    Well let's see, you could have restricted your surrender to all hard 15,16 vs 9,10,A. For simple estimation, let's consider infinite decks.
    A 2-card 15 has probability of 12/169, a 2-card 16 has probability of 11/169.
    Dealer 9,10,A (no BJ) has probability of 70/169.
    Hence you get to surrender about 23/169*70/169 = 5.6% of your hands. Each of those hands gives you an 25% advantage, which - together with the original house edge of about 0.5% lets you have a remaining 0.9% edge, for each hand you play.

    Playing 1000 hands per hour of black, earns you $1k per hour - with considerable less chance of detection. I would not call it "no edge" :laugh:
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    The reason it was detected is because the skin we were playing on ran out of money to pay out. (They sold out to party shortly afterwards and the sites shut down shortly after that)

    So I think we did a pretty good job of maximizing the EV we could get out of the place.

    And fwiw, I was playing with an edge over 5%
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    Still no response from support after emailing them twice asking to speak with a supervisor :confused:

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