BJ Rules at Cherokee Harrah's

Discussion in 'Southern USA' started by ZMan, Oct 17, 2007.

  1. ZMan

    ZMan Well-Known Member

    Can anyone tell me the rules they use at the Harrah's in Cherokee?
    I guess the big 3 I'm looking for are:
    Double on anything or only 10 and 11?
    Double after split allowed?
    Does dealer hit soft 17?

    I only use Basic Strategy, but want to brush up on the correct one to use.

    Also, I know the BJ is different in that the 'cards' are displayed on a screen. Can you see all the other players cards? How 'bout the cards of the person sitting next to you? My wife likes to play too, but asks for help with BS. This could be tough if I can't see her cards.

    Thanks for any answers you may have.
  2. ChefJJ

    ChefJJ Well-Known Member

    There was an update on an earlier thread, but the rules have become quite a bit better than when I lived in that part of the country. As far as the screens could definitely see your neighbor's, but your screen is set up to where your cards are big and in the middle. But you can see the cards of the player whose turn it is in the corner of the screen.

    Look at some earlier posts for the specifics.

    good luck
  3. ZMan

    ZMan Well-Known Member

    Thanks ChefJJ.

    That answers my question on the screens.

    I'll do some SEARCHing in here and see if I can find any updates on the rules.
  4. tamster34

    tamster34 New Member

    I went this past weekend.

    Double on anything.
    Double down after split ok but you can't resplit aces.
    Dealer stands on soft 17

    While another player is deciding their hand, you can see it in the corner of your screen. It also gives you the total of the hand.
  5. ZMan

    ZMan Well-Known Member

    tamster34 - Thanks for the update!

    I did some searching but couldn't find anything recent on rules.

    Those seem fairly good assuming BJ pays 3:2 and not 6:5.

    What kind of table minimums did they have? Any $5 tables?
    Was this your first time playing the video kind?
    I would rather have 'real cards', but I'll settle for just real chips and try it.
    At least I get to play.
  6. tamster34

    tamster34 New Member

    Sorry it took so long to answer. Haven't been on this site recently.

    There will be one $10 table open but packed. You'll be able to find a $15.
    Blackjack is 3:2. I've found the dealers to be pleasant & helpful.

    This was my 1st time playing digital & I was skeptical. Only played cause I had won a small jackpot on video poker (would normally play at a $5 table). I like it & have now played a total of 4 times. Usually end up ahead a little.
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  7. ZMan

    ZMan Well-Known Member

    You were dead on with this.
    One $10 table and it STAYED packed.
    The $15 tables you could get at easily.
    Usually had some others playing and some seats available.

    Had a good time, but was down the first night.
    Wife and I more that doubled our buy-in in the first hour!!!
    For money sake - that would have been a good time to get up and walk a winner. But, we went there to play!
    So, we stayed and ended up down.

    Returned the next day, and won some.
    Down overall, but thought it was worthwhile for the entertainment.
  8. tamster34

    tamster34 New Member

    Went back today. Not very many tables open so I took a spot at a Blackjack Bonanza. Thought it would be the same just with a bonus bet (that I wasn't going to play).


    Dealer hits soft 17, double 10 & 11 only, no double on spilts. Avoid this stinker.

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